100 RC’s Featured at The RCNetwork

Well, after a quick tabulation, I realized The RCNetwork has now featured right over 100 Remote Controlled vehicles! Wow! That’s a ton of videos, features, rebuilds, fixes, bodies, tires etc. I put together a quick video titled “100 RC Vehicles in 90 Seconds” thanks to a suggestion from my Brother-in-Law, Tom Bailey. The video was a hit and resulted in a ton of comments with many of our viewers mentioning their Favorite RC featured on The RCNetwork. Many choices were well expected and some were somewhat obscure, as I didn’t think many people watched those older videos!  Check out the video below.

Well, now after 100 vehicles featured, what has been my favorite vehicle? Well, I’ll have to separate it into platforms or scales – because so many were great!

Best Scaler:

The Axial Racing SCX10 Honcho. This truck is just amazing! It can drive anywhere and it looked scale doing it. With many, many upgrades, it had durability and flexibility to drive on almost any terrain. Best upgrade? The Pro-Line PowerStroke Scaler shocks and F-250 Body.


Best Rock Racer:

Well, Spawnzilla, of course! Many of you have watching this fully custom piece by piece build based on MattZilla’s WraithZilla custom steel tube chassis and after many hours of building it was finished. Just a please to drive and gobs of power on the Tekin Pro4HD 2500kv motor on 4s Lipo. She’s a heavy girl at right over 11 lbs!


Best Drift/On Road:

HPI Sprint 2 “Get my Drift” project build. Now, I have done a couple of dedicated countersteer drift cars like the Sakura D3, but the HPI Sprint2’s were never intended to have a countersteer system. Well, I changed that and designed a fully functional CS system in a 50/50 belt drive system…..and it WORKED! Best choice on the “Get my Drift” build? Adding the Toyota Supra Body.


Best Race Buggy (1/10th or 1/8th):

Team Associated RC8B3e. It just works! Smooth, light, and nimble, the RC8B3e excels in any environment. Race out doors, no problem. Indoors….its nails! The designers at Team Associated really did their homework on this one and gave the Factory Team drivers one hell of a rig!


Best 2wd:

Pro-Line Pro2 SCB. Yeah, I don’t really like 2wd vehicles, but this one drove EXACTLY like a 4wd. It didn’t lose traction in the corners, it didn’t spin out if you hit the brakes. The geometry was perfect. Pro-Line also designed a platform (the Pro-2) that didn’t need any upgrades! Mostly because Pro-Line included every PL upgrade right off in the Ready to Build kit.


Best Basher:

The Arrma Nero 6S BLX. You can’t beat a 1/8th scale Monster Truck that has factory power, remote locking differentials and just doesn’t break! The Arrma Nero just drives. You launch it? It comes back for more. You crash it? It comes back and says “Thank you, may I have another!” Add the inner skeletal dinosaur-esque chassis and you have a two-in-one Monster Show!


Best Mini Scale:

The Losi Mini 8ight Buggy. It thought it was an 1/8th scale buggy, but it was little….1/14th to be exact. After a few upgrades and custom made parts, it became indestructible. It is powerful, precise and determined…..to drive just like it’s big brother, the 8ight.

Best ShortCourse Truck:

Tekno SCT410(.3) This is the category that started The RCNetwork with that first Slash 4×4 HCG. When thinking of ShortCourse trucks, it needs to be powerful, fast, durable and heavy. The Tekno truck was one of the first heavyweights and it drove exactly like an 1/8th scale buggy. It just never broke and it drove great!


Well, that’s my top 8 vehicles out of the more than 100 featured. What’s your favorite RC vehicle? What makes it so great? Please feel free to comment below!

Check out the video: “100 RC Vehicles in 90 Seconds”



  1. Now to add next? Bomber soon? I really like what I am seing on the kit version.

    Now I am not sure yet what electronic Avenue I would go if I where to ever get one but it will definitely be brushless system from what I have read. I took your advise from another topic and check out Holmes Hobbies and I think that might be the next manufacturer to use. As you know I am new to this and not knowing what manufacturer is good or bad only finding out for myself with experience will help me decide which way to go.

    Thank you for sharing with your videos and blogs that has given all of us knowledge in the awesome rc world.

  2. Hi, just bought the sakura D4 from you offa Ebay. Stoked
    I was looking for your review, but didn’t see it. Is it still up on the site?
    I was wondering what you used for electronics for one thing.
    Side note: I was stoked to see the Tekno and the Proline in the top 8. Those are my outdoor race rigs.
    I enjoy the site. Keep up the good work.

  3. I have to go with the Tekno eb 48.3, bulletproof, amazing maneuverability on the track and in the air and in my opinion, straight out of the box it doesn’t need any upgrades. I just wanted to say that your YouTube stuff is awesome, informative, and we’ll done. I feel the info is unbiased and trustworthy. Thanks for that.

  4. The Losi Mini 8ight Buggy? Over the XRAY M18T PRO? Really?

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