New Arrma Outcast 6S BLX Stunt Truck – Will it be under your tree?

With Christmas 2016 right around the corner, all of the RC manufacturers are starting to unveil all of the newest fangled items with hopes that their vehicle will land under your tree.  Arrma has been on fire lately releasing vehicle after vehicle and this latest batch of 6S vehicles will be sure to make some serious smiles on RC hobbyists’ faces this year.  The Outcast 6S BLX Stunt Truck was announced today from Hobbico/Arrma.


Based on the ever popular Typhon/Talion/Kraton platform, the Outcast starts with the Typhon’s chassis, but adds the Kraton/Talion arms to mount those massive DBoots Backflip tires mounted on 3.8” wheels.  With the Arrma’s Version 2 6S BLX electronics, the Outcast can easily perform stunts including back flips, front flips and with the included wheelie bar, yes, wheelies for days!  Will it land under your tree this year?  I was able to get my hands on a pre-release sample for testing and review here at The RCNetwork, so let’s get the box open and see what we get!

What’s in the box?

Like all of Arrma’s 6S vehicles, they’re HUGE!  1/8th scale is the number Arrma places on the box and with that the box is LARGE!  Inside the box, everything is packaged well and the contents include the Outcast Truck, Tactic TTX-300 Radio and a bag of extras.  As with the rest of Arrma’s 6S vehicles, batteries are not included (both vehicle and radio).



Radio and Extras

Let’s start with the boring stuff first:  Tactic TTX-300 2.4ghz radio takes 4 AA batteries and is standard issue for Arrma vehicles.  It’s well equipped for an RTR with steering/throttle trim, steering dual rate, channel reversing and a good overall feel.  The extra bag of goodies include an owners manual, QR code postcard for the Outcast and its stunt video, bag of tools, male ends to the XT90 connectors, optional 16t pinion and a bag of optional body mounts for adding a new body in the future.



Arrma Outcast 6S BLX Stunt Truck

Now for the star of the show, the Outcast 6S BLX.  It’s big and short all in the same package. It’s kinda like the Frankenstein of the RC world.  It just looks odd, but in a cool way. The chassis is based on the shortest chassis in Arrma’s fleet, the Typhoon (1/8th Buggy), but it has these huge wide arms from the Talion/Kraton (1/8th truggy/muggy)  Then, the massive super aggressive DBoots Backflip tires give it one of the strangest looks with very little space between the tires when looking at the wheelbase.  Next, the body has that old 1960’s Ford F100 look, but with fender flares, roll-bar and X’d out headlights as if it is not street legal.

The idea behind the “Stunt Truck” was to give it a super short chassis length, and a wide stance.  Add weighty tires to give it rotational bias while in the air to make the Outcast super maneuverable.  SCORE!  You can easily pitch the chassis and in most cases, complete full, if not multiple flips.  The added slots in the roll cage allows for “lighter flints” to give a spark or two if you happen to land on the roof while on pavement.


Once under the body, the Outcast is very familiar with other 6S vehicles.  Aluminum chassis, shock towers, top plate and toe plate add lots of durability.  The front pivot-ball suspension rides well on the large bore aluminum shocks/shock caps.  Front universal driveshafts and installed f/r sway bars round out the features.



The new Version 2 electronics from Arrma are very nice.  The 2050v brushless motor and BLX185 150amp esc are very smooth and run cool even on 6s lipo power.  The ADS-15M servo is nice and powerful, but a bit slow for my taste in servo at 208oz/in and .14 seconds transit time.  All of the electronics are waterproof, including the receiver, as it is housed in a waterproof box.  Rounding out the electronics are the addition of XT90 connectors which are one of the best on the market for high current loads.


So what’s new in the Outcast?

Battery Tray

The addition of a fully adjustable battery tray, which allows for much more versatility.  You now have the ability to run your battery stacked or side by side with the addition of velcro straps.

Wire Management Items

Also added are some cool wire management items that capture the annoying balance taps and the battery leads from moving about the chassis.

Wheelie Bar

Also making a debut on an Arrma vehicle is the wheelie bar.  With all that power and traction, you’ll applaud the wheelie bar for keeping you parallel with the ground as much as possible


Wheels and Tires

As with most Arrma vehicles, wheels and tires are always changed up to make the most of that vehicle.  The DBoots Backflip tires are very similar to the famed Pro-Line Badlands (Famous basher tires) and the NHRA inspired wheels are very stout at the 3.8” height.


The Outcast is just different.  It’s a “Do All” type of overpowered 1/8th scale rig.  It has power, it has traction, it has versatility, it has some stealth looks, it has many things that we all look for in a new RC vehicle.  Keep an eye out for the Arrma Outcast 6S BLX Stunt Truck – it could end up under your tree this year!  Check out the unboxing video and tell me what your first impressions are of the Outcast by commenting below.

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