Bomber Week 2 – Axial RR10 Bomber

With all the great stuff on the Axial RR10 Bomber, it takes two weeks to show you!  Check out last week’s post on Bomber Week where I covered the unboxing, kit assembly, electronics, wheels, and carbon fiber panels.  Bomber Week 2 brings you much more and the all important reveal!


Episode 5 brings some much-needed American steel to the underside of the RR10 Bomber chassis. MIP makes the best driveshafts on the market, especially if you have some big brushless power turning them. Since there’s not a complete RR10 Bomber driveshaft set, I had to get creative and part together something that would work. With the Bomber having a Yeti Rear end, that’s easy…. Bolt on model number 14390. The front driveshaft on the bomber is quite similar to the Wraith front driveshaft (Model number 11116), but with a twist (Watch the video for a full explain)

ScalerFab Custom Upgrades

With the bomber almost complete, I needed a couple of durability items that have technical features as well. ScalerFab is an independent custom Trail Armor company and is G6 certified. I chose the steel front bumper and the steel side rockers (I call them boat sides). These two items add a bit of armor for the Bomber and some great durability and technical features for my rig.

LED Lightbar

To complete out my RR10 Bomber KIT, I needed a good quality lightbar to complete the package. It’s not always possible to run the rigs during the day, so adding a lightbar not only adds some cool scale looks, but also some functionality when running past sunset. The Team Associated lightbar selection is surprisingly great. Being known mostly for their super high quality race vehicles, a lightbar for scalers/crawlers was the last thing I thought I would see from them. I chose the 120mm 7LED bar that easily accepts 3s Lipo power and has a price that is also very forgiving.

The Reveal

The final “reveal” video really shows off my RR10 Bomber Kit version from Axial Racing. It shows the rig out on the trail and sums up all the parts that were used in the build.  Overall the RR10 Bomber was a pleasure to build and design the types of aftermarket parts to make my Bomber different from the rest.


What do you think of the Bomber series and Bomber Week? Are you planning to purchase a Bomber or any of the parts featured? Comment below!  Get more of the Bomber build in my first post: Bomber Week! – Axial RR10 Bomber.


Here’s a full list of parts used in the build:

Tekin RX8 Gen2 ESC:
Tekin Pro4HD 3000kv Motor:
Futaba 9373 Servo:
Axial 25t Servo Horn:
Incision 2.2″ KMC Grenade in Black:
Crawler Innovations Dueces Wild Standard 2.2″ Foams:
Axial G35 BFGoodrich Baja TA KR2:
Pactra Outlaw Black:
Testors Dullcote:
Pactra Metallic Blue:
Xtreme Racing Carbon Fiber Body Panels:
MIP Bomber/Yeti rear Dirveshaft:
MIP Bomber/Wraith front Driveshaft:
ScalerFab Bomber Front Bumper:!/RR10-Bomber-Front-Bumper/p/64887568/category%3D18959157
ScalerFab Bomber Side Rockers/Boatsides:!/RR10-Bomber-Rock-Sliders-with-Skids/p/64808917/category%3D18959157
Team Associated 120mm 7 LED Lightbar in this video:
Vanquish Motor Mount:
Vanquish Motor Plate:
Vanquish Servo Mount:
Vanquish Rear Axles AR60:


  1. Great build-just wandering if you used the stock gearing and how you have found this with the electronics you use. Also how does the front axle cvd’s stand up-noticed you changed the rear ones to HD.

    • Hi Jason,

      Yes, the gearing is quite nice on 3S. My Bomber has changed quite a bit since this series and will get its maiden Voyage next weekend. Can’t really comment on the axles yet, but they seem to be the way to go.

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