Bomber Week! – Axial RR10 Bomber

At The RCNetwork we wrapped up five consecutive Axial RR10 Bomber videos starting with the unboxing. The Bomber I chose was the newly released Kit Version where you get to build it yourself and select various electronics and such. Now you know better than any, I can’t leave “well enough” alone, so I added a few “must have” upgrades to my Bomber and a super powerful brushless system to make my Bomber earn its space here at The RCNetwork.

The Unboxing

Axial Racing is known for its Scale Vehicles and the RR10 Bomber is the Crown Jewel of the company’s fleet! Based on Randy Slawson’s Bomber Fabrication’s award winning rig at the King of the Hammers Race, the Bomber KIT Version has all the upgrades included in an easy to put together KIT. In my unboxing I take you through what’s included in the kit and what all you’ll need to put it together and get it running.

Kit Assembly

The RR10 Bomber Kit Version went together great! In this video I show off how the kit assembled, a list of tools you’ll need for the assembly and a look into all of the cool upgrades that you get in the KIT vs the RTR version.  I used these products from Testors/Pactra on the interior: Outlaw Black and Dullcote.

Tekin/Futaba Electronics

For my RR10 Bomber build, I wanted torque and speed and the first names that came to mind were Tekin and Futaba. The Tekin Pro4HD motors are great for the Axial line a vehicles, as they add shear torque from their 550 size and speed by adjusting down to a 3000kv and up the battery voltage to 3s Lipo. The Tekin RX8Gen2 ESC allows the system to run cool, and is highly programmable. Lastly, the Futaba S9373SV servo cranks out 341 oz/in of torque at .06 sec. transit time for the big 2.2” wheels and tires it will be spinning.

Incision Wheels

The RR10 Bomber Kit comes with great tires based on the BFGoodrich Baja TA KR2’s in Axial’s super sticky R35 compound. What I wanted to improve on was the inserts and the wheels. Vanquish Product’s new line, Incision, just released their version of the KMC XD Series Grenade wheels at a super affordable price. The all aluminum beadlock adds value to the well-known scale looks that Vanquish is known for. To complete the package, I added Crawler Innovations Deuces Wild closed cell foam inserts to make this “go fast” Bomber complete.

Xtreme Carbon Fiber Panels

I wanted my RR10 Bomber Kit to look different than anyone else’s. Xtreme Racing is known for Carbon Fiber and since I’m a fanatic of Carbon Fiber, it was well matched to my Bomber build. Available as a kit (roof and side panels) the Xtreme Racing panels bolt right on using stock hardware. They’re well cut and fit the bolt pattern perfectly.

So, where does this leave my Axial RR10 Bomber Kit Version? Almost ready to run, but we have four more episodes before that will happen. This week we will see some products from MIP, Team Associated and ScalerFab, so stay tuned and subscribe!  You don’t want to miss it!

Check out Bomber Week 2 – Axial RR10 Bomber here.



  1. Lookin good so far Rich!!Thats a lot of power packed into this rog. Can’t wait to see it all buttoned up and running!!

  2. Hi Rich,

    Just got one of these. Per recommendation from my local hobby shop I got the RTR version. I will have the opportunity to rebuild it due to all the available upgrades. I know I will refer to the above Bomber videos. Your videos are very helpful from the upgrades to what tools are needed. Thank you for sharing.

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