Axial SMT10 Custom Running Video

Here’s my first run with my custom upgraded Axial SMT10.

I too, like many RC enthusiasts have come down with Monster Truck Madness!  The Axial Racing SMT10 which is based on a mix of Wraith and Yeti parts can be very versatile and easily upgraded with existing and new parts on the market!  In this video, I show all the upgrades items I installed on my SMT10 Project Truck to make it unique for The RCNetwork!

Here’s a list of items featured in this video:

Axial SMT10 GraveDigger RTR:

JConcepts Renegades Tires:
JConcepts Tribute 2.6″ Wheels:
JConcepts 1993 F250 Body:

SSD Titanium Steering/Drag Links:
SSD Titanium Upper Links:
SSD Aluminum Training Arms:
SSD Aluminum Diff Cover:
SSD C Hubs:
SSD Knuckles:

Pactra Indy Silver:
Pactra Metallic Black:
Testors Dull Cote:

Rit Dye, Black:

Axial Body Posts:
Axial 25t Servo Horn:
MIP 16200 SMT10 Driveshafts:

Check out this BLOG to dye your RC Plastic Chassis:  How to Dye Plastic RC Parts.

See all the Axial SMT10 Custom upgrade videos below:

JConcepts Renegades Tire and Tribute Wheel – Axial SMT10 Monster Truck Upgrades

Axial SMT10 Monster Truck – SSD Upgrades

Axial SMT10 Monster Truck – MIP Driveshaft Upgrade

Axial SMT10 – Holmes Hobbies Electronics Upgrade

Axial SMT10 Custom Monster Truck – Full Reveal!


  1. Fantastic build! I’m dying for a kit version from axial. Any inside info on the possibility of a kit?

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