Axial Yeti U4RC Racing Upgrade

Here’s a full overview of my Axial Yeti upgraded to race U4RC. Please see the list below of parts I used in this Axial Yeti U4RC racing upgrade. For more info on U4RC check out

Here’s some items mentioned in this video:

Axial Yeti Kit:


Tekin RX4 ESC:
Tekin Pro4HD 3000kv:
Hitec D940TW:

Pro-Line Products:

Raptor Body:
Hyrax Tires:
Dual Stage Foams:
PowerStroke Shock (f):
PowerStroke Shock XT (r):

Vanquish Products:

KMC Bully Wheels:
Front Skid:
Shock Tower:
Steering Posts:
Bell Cranks:
Steering Rack:
Steering Knuckles:
C Hubs:
Trailing Arms:
Rear Upper Links:
Motor Mount:
Motor Plate:
Incision VVD’s: No longer Avail


Diamond Wide Centered Axle:
HD Driveshafts:

Strong Arm RC Zeus Arms:
UCFab Sway Bar:


MIP Driveshaft:
Axial 25t Servo Horn:
Axial 4 Link Mount:
Axial Shock Mount:
Axial Turnbuckle Set:

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