AxialFest or Bust!

July 14th, 2016 marks the start of the 11th annual Axialfest campout and festival of all things “Scale RC”. The 4-day event gathers scale enthusiasts from across the globe to showcase their Axial vehicle and enter various events in a 440-acre Northern California campground, Cisco Grove.

axial fest

According to the official AxialFest 2016 FaceBook page, over 1,000 fans are going this year. Events include:

  • Concourse: Show & Shine
  • Adventurist: R/C Trail Hiking
  • Altra Ultra 5K Enduro: R/C Trail Running
  • Rock Racing: R/C Rock Racing

So what made this growing sub-culture in RC have a cult-like following? What makes over 1,000 people flock to a campground and celebrate a specific brand?

It’s a chance for like-minded people to get together and share a very specific hobby with one another. It’s not really about competing for a title or trophy, it’s about camaraderie and a passion for a very creative niche of the hobby: Scale Vehicles.

Axial Racing manufacturers scale vehicles better than anyone on the planet. Axial makes everything from a beginner’s Ready-to-Run 1/10th scale SCX10 Trail Honcho to Builder Kits that allow you to customize the choices of body color and electronics.

jeep cherokee scale vehicle

So what else makes Axial Racing so unique? On May 24th 2016, Axial invited 50 customers out to Casey Currie’s shop in Corona, CA to celebrate the SCX10. What the customers didn’t know was that Axial had something up their sleeve…they unveiled the brand new SCX10 II 2000 Jeep Cherokee. Complete with 1:1 vehicle and the new 1/10th scale version to inspect. The select 50 customers got to talk with Axial and give their feedback on the new product and just share a good evening.

In the end it’s just bunch of plastic, aluminum and rubber, but Axial made it a little different. They brought the people element into the hobby and started a trend. Are you going to AxialFest 2016? Share your thoughts on Axial below.


  1. I got me an Axial Yeti Score Trophy Truck and i just finished the built a couple of hours ago. The result stands for itself, but i am not 100% satisfied with the Quality of the Plastics and the fittment of the parts. Some fit quite well, but others are a pain.
    Hope it will drive nicely and that it is durable.
    But anyways i preordered a SCX 10 II and im getting it in 2 weeks.

    • Hey Timo! Thanks for checking out the new website! The Axial SCORE TT KIT is a great truck. It does have some quirks, but the KIT addresses many of the upgrades that the RTR needed. Anything specific that you had issues with?

      I have an Upgrade series starting next week (Friday) and should air each week with upgrade parts from Vanquish, Incision, SSD, MIP, Pro-Line Racing, Hot Racing and Axial. I also have electronics from Maclan Racing, Hitec and Tekin.

      The SCX10 II looks to be a great truck as well. I am hold, as the Cherokee isn’t my favorite. Hopefully there’s some new bodies that will be available soon – The Cherokee looks to be quite larger of a body than the previous SCX10 bodies.

      Thanks again for the comment!


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