To B6 or not to B6 – B6/B6d 2WD Buggy

RC10B6/B6d 2WD Buggy

Team Associated has some of the most winning vehicle platforms on the planet – now with 28 IFMAR World Championships. We are on the brink of the all new RC10B6/B6d 2wd buggies hitting the streets and many people are excited to get behind the wheel of their own B6/B6d 2wd buggy.

So why the all-new platform right after the huge success of the B5/B5m? It just doesn’t make sense. The B4 platform reigned for 10 years (2003-2013) before the B5 (2014-2015) platform took over. Should the B6 have been called the B5.1? At this rate, we will all be driving the B10z by the year 2020! Team Associated is going to run out of numbers soon!

After much inspection, the B6/B6d deserves a new number. It’s an entire new platform that’s customizable toward the driver and the track it’s driving on.


At the hands of Rivkin (2015 IFMAR 2wd World Champion), Hartson (2013 IFMAR 4wd World Champion), and Cavalieri (2011 4wd and 2wd IFMAR World Champion), the B6/B6d will be make history again!

What’s in the Kit

I was fortunate to get my hands on a pre-release RC10B6d which will be great for my local track at OCRC (Clay Track) in Huntington Beach, CA and have started building one up at The RCNetwork.

b6d unboxing front
b6d unboxing side2
b6d unboxing back
b6d unboxing side

The B6d Team Kit is a typical Team Associated Kit – Top Notch quality with all the things you need to get this Kit assembled including Stealth diff grease, black grease, 30wt shock oil and small tool set, just in case.  The B6d body and wing have both AE and JConcepts markings and are very low profile with cab forward design.  The manual is typical AE spec with loads of detailed photos and 1:1 part diagrams.

b6d unboxing body
b6d unboxing oil
b6d unboxing decals


Lastly, it wouldn’t be a Team Kit without bells and whistles: hard anodized aluminum chassis plate, aluminum shocks and fixings, universal driveshafts with locking aluminum 12mm hexes, milled out aluminum motor plate, aluminum topshaft, Carbon Fiber shock towers, aluminum front wheel hubs and an aluminum adjustable “C” hinge pin holder.

All-in-all, the B6d kit is the newest generation of the RC10 heritage and I’m sure it will go together in a snap. It’s already shown to be the most versatile AE kit to date with the ability to be customized from super high traction tracks to the lowest traction outdoor facilities.

So, what will it be for you, the B6 or the B6d? Share your thoughts below and let us know if you will be riding the 6th generation AE buggy wave.

Get more on the B6/B6d here: The Team Associated B6/B6d Frenzy!


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