Best RC Tool Setup for Under $100

I get lots of questions like, “What’s the best Hex Wrench for $5” or “What’s better, MIP or Integy?.” After about 40 episodes of Tool Tuesday under my belt, I have decided to compile a complete list for you, the “Best RC Tool setup for under $100.” Now this is a set of tools that I have found to be very versatile, durable and end up saving you a ton of money in the end. I will show you the best bang for your buck for a 1/10th-1/8th scale RC vehicle.

Hex Wrenches


The long debated issue of best hex wrench for the money has been solved by MIP! It’s as simple as that. Quality over price on this one, as the hex wrench set is probably the most used item in an RC enthusiast’s arsenal. Available as single units, metric, and standard sets, the MIP Hex wrenches  ($28.74) are comfortable in the hand and last a lifetime.

Nut Driver


The AKA Double Drive Nutdriver ($21.93) has made its way into my tool bag and is my daily-use nut driver. With one handle, it allows for both 5.5mm and 7.0mm with a twist of the handle for those typical 1/10th scale wheel nuts. I always like it when I have a quality tool that does two things!

Work Stand


The Duratrax Pit Tech Deluxe work stand ($11.99) allows you to work on almost any sized vehicle (alright, 5th scales excluded!). It collapses down for easy storage and has a handy catch all hardware bin built in.

Turnbuckle Wrench


 The Schelle racing Innovations Turnbuckle wrench ($18.82) adds quality to the unique styling. With the ability to adjust almost every sized turnbuckle on the market from Team Associated, JConcepts, Lunsford and Losi and the added 12mm Team Associated shock tool gives it that “two in one check”, again!

Lexan Scissors / Body Reamer


The Dubro combo kit ($13.08) isn’t the best looking/quality kit but it gets the job done. The scissors allow for curved cutting of most lexan bodies, and the reamer gets those perfect body holes every time.

Sum it All Up

Half of the Remote Control experience is working on your vehicle and learning all of the inner workings of what “makes it go.” Quality tools make that experience enjoyable and stress free, which is why we call this thing a “hobby.”  Here’s the breakdown:

  1. MIP Hex wrenches  ($28.74)
  2. AKA Double Drive Nutdriver ($21.93)
  3. Duratrax Pit Tech Deluxe work stand ($11.99)
  4. Schelle racing Innovations Turnbuckle wrench ($18.82)
  5. Dubro combo kit ($13.08)

The above accounts for about $94.56 and is not everything you’ll ever need, but it will get you through 90% of RC wrenching. So, did your choice of tools make my list? Please feel free to share below.


  1. Hey Rich –

    Great post, definitely want to pick myself up a set of those hex wrenches, mine are basically round at this point.

    I had a question, what do you use to transport your tools? And on that note, what tools do you generally bring to the track?

    I try and keep what I bring to a minimum, but always end up with an overflowing toolbox.


  2. Yes I would have to agree with the MIP hex wrenches, and Duratrax pit stands! I have had my MIP wrenches for 3 seasons now, and 0 stripped screw heads, When you go for wrenches do no go keep! I did a first and ended up with nothing but rounded wrenches and stripped screws, and a ton of swearing! Even the boss lady says how there is no under breath grumbling anymore when I am working on my R/C’s. As for the Duratrax stand I bought this 15 years ago and never needed another! Its a little undersized for say an E-Maxx but small block of wood will give you the height you need! As for what to take to the track, my track is only 5 miles away and I must say I take everything and I mean everything, solder stations glue gun, Rotary tool, tons of spare parts, you name it, i take it! My biggest pet peeve is having to say “I have it but I left it at home!” Better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it! Your 5 minute fix ends up taking much longer, and may even end your day rather then being a fix and go. But thats just my 2 cents

  3. Always excellent information!

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