Wrench with Rich – Building an RC KIT

Building an RC Kit

In this video, I take you through a 4 hour build in about 45 minutes. Along the way, I show tips and tricks on building the kit including turnbuckle assembly, shock assembly, tools I use and many other items. There are many ways to build RC’s and not every way is correct in the eyes of the viewer. These ways work for me and hopefully they will help you.

Since the beginning roots of RC, there have been KITs. Only since the coined phrase RTR (Ready to Run) people have started to shy away from building their RC’s and getting the instant gratification of running their RC 30 minutes after purchasing it (charge time). KIT RC’s pack more value and give the RC enthusiast a feeling of accomplishment and ownership of that RC.

Building an RC Kit

Check out the Tekno EB48.4 Unboxing:Tekno EB48.4 1/8th Scale Electric Buggy KIT – Unboxing/New Features

Tekno Build Update 1 is here:Tekno EB48.4 Build Update 1 – 1/8 Scale KIT

Here’s some items mentioned in this video:

Tekno EB48.4 Buggy KIT: www.teknorc.com/shop/tkr8000-eb48-4-18th-competition-electric-buggy-kit/
Tekno Shock Shaft Pliers: amzn.to/2iJwi1o
Tekno 17mm Wheel Wrench: amzn.to/2iGMnqw
MIP Hex Drivers: amzn.to/2iJsH3l
Southwire Needle nose Pliers: amzn.to/2iGFyFu
AKA Double Drive Nut Driver: amzn.to/2iNBmUR
Protek RC Blue Grease: amzn.to/2iNnU3o
Associated Thread Lock: amzn.to/2iGDFIP
Bosch Power Driver: amzn.to/2hW4Gsr
MIP Speed Hex Bits: amzn.to/2hWc4UK

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