How to Setup the HOBBYWING Wifi Express


HOBBYWING is making it easier and easier to program your electronics with the HOBBYWING Wifi Express module. Use your existing iOS or Android OS device to precisely change the settings of your electronic speed control. To purchase the HOBBYWING Wifi Express click here: For more information on the Wifi…

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How to Seal Carbon Fiber


I’ve been asked many times “How do you seal your carbon fiber?” I’ve finally made a step-by-step video and now blog on the process – How to Seal Carbon Fiber. It’s simple to do and can increase the life of your expensive carbon fiber upgrades on your RC vehicle. Why…

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How to Fit Drift Tires onto Wheels


So you just got some new drift tires and wheels.  Maybe you’d expected the tires to snap right onto the wheels.  Nope!  If they did just snap on, they’d probably snap right off when running your drift car.  The drift tire and wheel need a really snug fit.  Below I…

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How to Dye Plastic RC Parts


Ok, so I’m working on changing my Grave Digger Monster Truck into something else and wanted to get rid of that bright green chassis and make it black, really black. I dyed it!  I’ve outlined the steps I used to change the color of the plastic chassis to help you…

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