If They Built It, Would You Buy It? – What’s Your Dream RC?

2016 has been a great year in the RC Industry with many manufacturers releasing some great new platforms. What are we missing? What would be your dream RC vehicle that hasn’t been released? Now, let’s keep this obtainable folks…..We are not going to get a Vanquished out ¼ scale hybrid powered Monster Truck complete with FPV system running on 11.6ghz with ride-height adjustability on the 9 channel radio for $199! What vehicle do you want your favorite manufacturer to release? Is it a totally new platform, new power plant, different licensed body? What’s your fancy?

New Vehicles in 2016

When I start to think of the new vehicles released in 2016, many come to mind. Right off was the most recent being the Axial SMT10 Monster Jam Grave Digger Monster Truck. Although skeptics have fired off complaints on its speed, the scale company, Axial Racing did a great job of capturing one of the best “scale” monster trucks to date.


Traxxas has had a pretty large dry spell as of late, but hitting the shores was the X-Maxx in 2016. The 1/6th scale Monster Truck had everything that RC enthusiasts wanted – Size and Power. The X-Maxx’s size was hard to fathom with almost 30 inches in length and right over 21 inches in width. All new was, well, everything! I first saw this behemoth at RCX 2016 and it’s big!


Arrma has been hitting it out of the park with new releases and right off, the Nero 6S BLX with Smart Diff screams different! Although scaled at 1/8th, it just seems larger. Powered by all new electronics and capable of running 6s Lipo battery power, the Nero’s chassis was taken from Formula One inspired suspension. The Nero is available with both “Smart Diff” or no “Smart Diff” which means the included Tactic radio has the ability to lock many variations of the 3 differentials almost on the fly on the Nero – creating many different driving situations.

Arrma Nero 6s BLX

For the racers out there, Team Associated released the all new RC10B6/B6D 1/10th scale 2wd race buggies. Now capable of running many different transmissions and configurations like shock position, arms, shock towers, etc, the B6/B6D platform is the most versatile now on the market. Do you run on Carpet or AstroTurf? The B6 is your ticket. Do you run on Dirt (which is what the D stands for in B6D), Clay or any variation? The B6D is the ticket, although many people have been adding the $28 lay-down transmission from the B6 in the B6D. Yeah, affordably flexible!

Team Associated B6d

Losi and the creators at Horizon Hobby introduced the Losi Baja Rey in 2016 – which has been the answer to the original Trophy Truck, the SCORE. With it’s independent front suspension and solid rear axle, the “Rey” offers a bit of scale, but with Losi’s proven drive line. Traditional items like AVC (Stability control through a gyro system), Fuze electronics and one of the best full cage structures top this 1/10th scale truck’s bells and whistles.


Now, I haven’t covered all the releases, but these are some notable ones that I have seen/driven in person. Now for my dream “new” vehicle…What could it be??

My Dream New RC

My dream new RC would start with the chassis and it would be based on a 1/8th scale buggy. Shaft driven and 3 fluid filled, geared differentials on an aluminum chassis. Power plant would be a 1900kv, 1/8th scale motor capable of 4s – 6s Lipo and a 200 amp electronics speed control. Now that chassis can almost drive itself!

Now for the body, wheels and tires…I want something different. The body would be an open wheel design, because, let’s face it, short course trucks’ bodies start to self implode once you put them on! The desert buggy has already been done, many times. I would want a futuristic low profile, buggy/formula-one styled body, no wing, just some fins for direction. Tires – off road, of course, and the wheels would be a wide-open design. After thinking of this concoction, I “googled” the idea and this Peugeot XRC Concept image stuck out.


credit to Ototrends.net

So, what’s you’re dream New RC Vehicle? Share in the comments below!


  1. My dream rc is one that doesn’t need hundreds of dollars in upgrades to keep it from falling apart from moderate bashing. Sofar the only ones I see that are worth buying rtr are from Arrma,ThunderTiger and maybe Losi. Traxxas and Axial are all plastic parts that don’t last long after gettingvthem out of the box. I like the Wraith, but am building it from the ground up with metal upgrade parts.

  2. A real 1/8 scale Short Course Truck! No plastic except where it is on real trucks. True 1/8 scaled from the real trucks racing today. No mock ups in framing, no plastic roll cage, real metal frames and yes they would be slower and heavier then the current ones on the market. Of course to keep it in the hobbies sale price interest the power plant would not be a true scale 8 cylinder however something like Losi’s attempt with the CDI would serve well! The 1/5 scales are cool but they requires a much larger track! I realy do not have any interest in the new score style trucks. If you want realism go the whole way or just do not bother! Just my 2 cent.

  3. For bashing purposes. Mydream RC would be would be very similar to the design Rich has described. 1/8 scale buggy chassis 7075 aluminum, 3 gear diffs, metal spur, shaft driven, pivot ball suspension, 1900 or 2200 kv 150a powerplant, bell crank /Akerman steering, with a T bucket body or maybe a chopped and channeled 32 ford body. With the front fenders attached at the hub. Sporting some blacked out deep dish wheels and off road tires of course. No wing. Maybe a carbon fiber screen print paint job.

    For racing purposes. TEAM ASSOCIATEDS’ new 4wd buggy! It could simply be the b44.3 with better a arms, shock towers and more droop. Thats pretty much all I could ask for!

  4. My dream rc car would have to be a true 1/8 scale short course chassis with pillow ball suspension and a 1900kv motor absolutely no plastic parts either aluminum or steel for the wheels I want a new off-road design. I want the body to be a licensed BJ Balwin short course body with the same monster energy and same color design. This would be a bashing rc.

    Now I also want my dream car into a touring car. A 1954 Clamato body with high grip tires and I want to be able to turn into a drifter just by putting drift tires on I want the weight distribution already setup

  5. The Vetka 5th scale solid axle with a DDM race motor

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