HB Racing E817 Reveal and Bonus Footage!

In this video on the HB Racing E817 Reveal, I show the completed 1/8th scale E buggy with electronics, wheels/tires and an HB inspired painted body!

One word – EXOTIC. The HB Racing E817 4wd Electric 1/8th scale buggy is built and we take a look up close at all the features and upgrades that are packed into this KIT.

HB Racing E817 Reveal-front
HB Racing E817 Reveal-angled
HB Racing E817 Reveal-side
HB Racing E817 Reveal-full-side

Here’s some items mentioned in this video:

Pactra Fiery Orange Paint: amzn.to/2l9Z92M
Pactra Indy Silver: amzn.to/2kcAQxc
Pactra Sprint White: amzn.to/2len1yb
JConcepts Bullet Wheels: amzn.to/2ky1Rfg
JConcepts Dirt Webs Gold: www.jconcepts.net/shop/dirt-webs-8th-scale-buggy-tire
JConcepts D812 Body: amzn.to/2lesiWE
HOBBYWING XR8 Plus: amzn.to/2lewAxc
HOBBYWING 4268 Motor: amzn.to/2l9Zu5I
Futaba 9177 Servo: amzn.to/2leTNjy
Tekno RC Servo Horn 25T: amzn.to/2leX9mA
18T Pinion: amzn.to/2leoncf

For pricing on the HB Racing E817: amzn.to/2kEdc02

For more info on the E817 click here:

Check out HB E817 Unboxing and Build Updates here:

My Video Gear

Studio Camera: amzn.to/2a0que9
Studio Tripod: amzn.to/29VIZ89
Studio Lights: amzn.to/2a4Ecmb
SD Cards for Studio Cam: amzn.to/2acPqSS
Lavalier Mic: amzn.to/2acOjCO
Action Camera: amzn.to/2a94Sfv
Action Mic: amzn.to/2aoZOpF
SD Cards for Action Cam: amzn.to/2a946PB


  1. I have 2 electric conversion of the D812. After seeing the E817 I must say I think I prefer the conversions over the E817. The conversions weight distribution can be altered to your liking. The E817 just looks lopsided to me. Just my 2 cents.

  2. I still can’t get over the color choice for this one! I too am a big fan of the Blue metallic colors. But, this one is growing on me. Now, I want one!

  3. Good clean work rich I like your attention to detail, and yes I like the burnt orange paint scheme, I always wanted to know if burnt orange will look good on rc bodies and now that I seen it I Like It Alot!

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