HB Racing E817 Running Video 1/8th Electric Buggy

The HB Racing E817 1/8th Scale Electric 4wd Buggy is right at home on this indoor track at OCRC in Huntington Beach, CA. I am running 100% stock owners manual set up, so it isn’t perfect, but it sure is close! Take a look at the HB Racing E817 Running Video.

HB Racing E817 KIT: www.amainhobbies.com/hb-racing-e817-1-8-offroad-electric-buggy-kit-hbs204035/p575541

Here are the items mentioned in the video:

HOBBYWING XR8 Plus: amzn.to/2lewAxc
HOBBYWING 4268 Motor: amzn.to/2l9Zu5I
JConcepts Dirt Webs Gold: www.jconcepts.net/shop/dirt-webs-8th-scale-buggy-tire

Be sure to check out the whole HB Racing E817 Build:

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