HOBBYWING XR8 Combo Giveaway

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  1. The RC network is the best and love all the videos

    • Hey rich thank u for all ur well done video’s ,n the way u go in such detail n professional knowledge of the products u show us,it really helps me to kno what’s hot n whats not so hot,n I gotta say im pretty much with u on ur taste in rc product land,thanks again….

  2. The RC network is the best

  3. Cool

  4. Rich, I love your videos. Very informational and easy to watch and listen to. This system would go great in my Arrma typhon. Or I have truggy roller that would be perfect for this. I hope I have a chance to win, never won anything lol.

  5. You videos and all of your rigs are so clean and smooth

  6. I can use that in my Tekno Short Course Truck. It would be nice to have.

  7. Hey Rich , do you think you will ever have a monthly Featured Builder report?

  8. Nicholas Steinbuch

    Love the detailed description and honest opinions. Makes for good video’s!

  9. Love all your prokit and rtr video,really helpfull and fun,plus knowledge in this rc industry.keep it up man!

  10. Anthony Van vorst

    Your channel is one of the best and the locations you drive at makes me almost want to move over there

  11. Awesome tech videos

  12. Grate give a way. Thanks for all the vids anzd cant wait to see more.

  13. Thanks for all the hard work and resources you provide us!

  14. Abdel Rahman Labban

    Great Vids and great giveaway . I hope you have running videos for these combos.

  15. I watch your videos all the time and you have helped me greatly with many problems I was having with my b44.2 and a few other buggies I have keep up the great work you help out us small guys in this huge RC world

  16. I really love the channel Rich, Ive been in the hobby for close to 30yrs and still enjoy it .
    Your channel is by-far my favorite keep up the good work

  17. Keep up the awesome work!

  18. Great videos installs and reviews. Keep n up the great work.

  19. Great videos installs and reviews. Keep up the great work

  20. WOW ! What a great looking system Rich you make it look so easy to install your rigs always come out perfect! my revo is hungry for a hobby wing !

  21. Since deciding to get into cars a couple of weeks ago I started watching the RC Network and found it very informative and will continue watching.

  22. Great job Rich, love the content. Keep up the good work man.

  23. lowell mark werblow

    Trying. 2 get into 1/8 little pricey, no gas costs throw😃elects seems 2 b the hardest 2 spend $ on

  24. Awesome giveaway

  25. Building a 8ight 3.0 for my daughters birthday and i got sent this, cheers for the chance 🙂

  26. Thank you for doing these reviews

  27. Matthew Forget

    Rich, as always your videos are in a class all there own, from the awesome video clarity and one of a kind narration RCN is my goto for the latest RC information and reviews!!!

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