How to Dye Plastic RC Parts

Ok, so I’m working on changing my Grave Digger Monster Truck into something else and wanted to get rid of that bright green chassis and make it black, really black. I dyed it!  I’ve outlined the steps I used to change the color of the plastic chassis to help you with your own project.  It’s a cheap way to change things up in a big way.


This is a messy job so I recommend NOT doing it in the kitchen for obvious reasons.  I setup an area in the garage that worked out quite nicely.  You probably already have most of what you need to do this job lying around the house or garage.  I’ve provided a few links to show you what I used for reference.  To begin this is what you’ll need:



I know it looks like a scene from Breaking Bad!

Steps to Dye Plastic RC Parts

1.Take the chassis apart and keep all the screws to assemble it later.

2. Wash the parts with soap and warm water – this will get any dirt or grease off – very important for an even dye.


3. Bring about 1 3/4 gallons of water to a rolling boil in two or more pots as needed.

4. USE CAUTION WITH HOT WATER. Cover pots and carefully carry them to the 2 gallon bucket and fill up the bucket 3/4 full.  Be REALLY CAREFUL!  It’s much easier and safer to carry the covered pots to the bucket.

5. Wearing gloves, add all of the Rit Dye to the bucket and mix with tongs.


6. Fill up the small container (if using) with some of the dye mixture by dipping it into the bucket.  Again, be CAREFUL with the hot water and wear gloves.

7. Add the large parts to the bucket and small parts to the small container (if using).

8. If the plastic parts are bigger than the bucket, then flip them every 5 minutes using the tongs.


9. Let parts soak in the dye for 30 minutes.

10. Remove the parts with tongs from the dye and dry them off with an old towel.  Make sure the color looks the way you want, if not then add parts back into the dye for additional time.  My chassis looked great after 30 minutes, so I would think you won’t need much additional time, certainly not more than another 30 minutes.

11.  Rinse parts with cold water and dry.


12. Assemble chassis!



A couple of things to note:

  • There were a few very small spots on the plastic chassis that just wouldn’t take the dye.  Once I put the chassis together they were barely noticeable and I just touched up with a black Sharpie.
  • Make sure to use HOT water that has been brought to a boil.  This helps the plastic heat up and take the dye better.  And of course, be careful!

Have you dyed RC parts before?  How’d it go? Comment below!

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