How to fit 1.9″ tires on 2.2″ wheels

Finding wheels and tires for the Axial Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck is pretty tricky. The stock tire is not a standard ShortCourse tire, although the wheel is being a 2.2″ on the outer wall and a 3.0″ on the inner wall. So, I turned to custom rigging a set of wheels and tires, and after trial and error came up with this GREAT set! Vanquish Products, Crawler Innovations and PitBull Tires had the right sizes and with some crafty Xacto skills, I was able to adapt two different sized wheels/tires that fit perfect under the fenders of the SCORE TT.

***Please be advised that I have modified Axles, so this may not fit your stock SCORE TT.

Here’s where I got my set up:

Vanquish Products KMC Bully 2.2″ Wheels:

Crawler Innovations 1.9″ Deuce’s Wild Foams:

PitBull Growler 1.9″ tires:

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