Is the Arrma Outcast Worth $500?

Is the Arrma Outcast worth spending $500? I drove this stunt truck hard and here’s my full review of the Arrma Outcast 6S BLX 1/8th Stunt Truck.  I’ll tell you the positives and negatives and what really broke.

First off the Arrma Outcast is an RTR (Ready-to-Run) and comes with everything you need except batteries.  You’ll need to supply 4AA for the remote control and a 4s – 6s lipo battery.  This can be a single battery or two separate batteries since it does have the XT90 connectors to make any configuration.  This will add about $80-160 to that RTR price.

Watch the full review video here:

How Does it Drive?

It’s fast and surprisingly agile and nimble.  I jumped it and drove it hard. The wheelie bar and wide chassis kept it upright.  Wheels provided great traction.  With all the jumps and hard landings the plastic body did not break!  A very fun drive.

What broke?

After beating up the Arrma Outcast a few things did break costing about $26 to replace.

  • Rear chassis brace
  • Rear dog-bone
  • Center differential spider gear
  • Bent screw on front shock
  • Motor wires pulled out (snapped back in)
  • Rear sway bars pulled out (snapped back in)


  • The look of it – it’s a love or hate relationship
  • The wing isn’t really needed on a Monster Truck
  • Differential gear split in half
  • Servo mount wiggles and servo is slow although it is spec’d well
  • Wheels and tires – too similar to the Badlands tires and 1552 wheels


  • It’s fast!
  • Chassis – wide and short
  • Tires have tons of grip
  • Looks like an old truck
  • Durable – takes a beating
  • Battery tray – full clamming down, wire management system
  • The wheelie bar
  • Parts availability

Is it worth it?

Yeah it’s worth it! I definitely like it.  Fun to drive, lots of traction and super fast!  Super fun ready to drive with the agility of an 1/8 scale buggy, width of a truggy and wheels and tires of a monster truck.  It’s the perfect Arrma package that takes a beating!  Comment below if you like this RTR and if it’s on your list to get.

Check out my first drive and unboxing on the Outcast:

Arrma Outcast 6S BLX 1/8th Stunt Truck – First Drive

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  1. How does the Outcast compare to the Redcat TR-MT8E BE6S?

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