Is the Losi Rock Rey worth $450 – Full Review!

Losi Rock Rey Review

It’s review time for the Losi Rock Rey – 1/10th scale 4wd Rock Racer. Is the Losi Rock Rey worth the current $450 MAP pricing? Is it durable? Is it fast? What’s better – The Losi Rock Rey or the Axial Yeti and how do they compare in size? Check out the video below and read on to get all the details!

Losi introduced the Rock Rey back in December of 2016 and they started hitting the streets in February 2017. The Rock Racer design was based on the Baja Rey (trophy truck), but with an open wheeled design with even more scale features like a functioning LED lightbar, driver figures, radiator and brake calipers/rotors. The suspension set up utilized an independent front suspension and a solid axle rear for once again, that scale look. The massive 2.2” wheeled tires give the Rock Rey a huge stance that can conquer almost any environment. The Dynamite FUSE brushless sensorless system (2800kv motor with a 130amp ESC) packed some decent power especially on 3s lipo power.


How did it Drive?

The Rock Rey felt right at home at my local bash spot. It handled all jumps, turns and landings with ease as the power system on 3s lipo was well geared and easily cleared everything. The suspension worked well and seemed to soak up everything in its way. The tires seemed to work well, although the foams inside were a bit soft and rolled easily.


What did I like about the Rock Rey?

Overall design and looks

The Rock Rey just looks great. It looks mean, scale and fast just sitting there. The additional scale features add to the look and doesn’t get in the way of the performance.

Brushless Power system

Losi did their homework and made a great choice for the Rock Rey packing in the 2800kv motor with a quite capable 130 amp ESC. There’s plenty of power and speed especially on 3s lipo.

Suspension and handling

The Independent front suspension and solid axle rear is a hard configuration to get right in a 1/10th scale vehicle. All the geometry is dead on and works quite well together.


The aluminum chassis skid and somewhat solid front arms really added to the durability of the Rock Rey – Nothing (besides the servo horn) has broken on my Rock Rey to date.

What did I NOT like about the Rock Rey?

Plastic servo horn

It has been failing in many Rock Rey’s almost immediately. Losi has addressed this and has made a running change to the assembly line. You can pick up the Rock Rey Aluminum Horn or the TLR22 Aluminum horn as an alternative.


I’m personally not a fan of an outside source controlling my vehicle. I understand the concept and have enjoyed AVC in casual driving, but not for racing.

Body panel attachment

The Rock Rey uses a somewhat modular body panel system, but takes 16 screws and 32 plastic washers to remove the body to start working on the RC. Although it’s not always needed to remove the body, it does get time-consuming.

Tall tires/soft foams

The Rock Rey has some of the largest tires in the 2.2” class, and with some very soft foams. The tires easily roll over especially on 3s power causing the rock racer to flip in the turns. The foams have already started to break down pretty quickly as well. A shorter tire and dual stage foam will fix this issue.


Losi Rock Rey or Axial Yeti?

RTR to RTR, the Losi Rock Rey and Axial Yeti look quite similar. Both are almost identical in price, features and looks and include the same amenities when purchased (everything except batteries). Here’s some categories that I will call the winner in:

Over All Looks: Rock Rey
Scale features: Axial Yeti
Size: Rock Rey
Speed: Rock Rey
Parts availability: Axial Yeti
Aftermarket parts: Axial Yeti
Durability: Rock Rey
Ease to work on: Axial Yeti

Insert photos of comparison


Is the Losi Rock Rey worth $450? The Losi Rock Rey is a great option for a scale looking, fast, durable rock racer. It has the features you want and is a great handling RC right out of the box. Add some Pro-Line Hyrax tires/Dual Stage foams and an aluminum servo horn and you should be set. Part support and aftermarket attention will increase as more people start to upgrade and modify these new Losi vehicles. Are you in the market for a Rock Racer? Are you interested in scale RC’s? Comment below and get out there and RC!


  1. I totaly agree with you, it is a really fun truck to drive. I didnt even get throug my first pack before the servo arm stripped out. Went to a local shop hurricane hobbies in Col,Oh and found a machined alum servo arm. It was from horizon part# DYN2535 and used a lock nut to back it up. Works perfect and kep it under $9. I was on the fence about spending $450 but your review was very helpful. This truck goes almost everywhere👍

    • Nice! I just took my Rock Rey to a second place finish in the “best in show” class in the 2.2″ unlimited class for U4RC – not too bad and it carved the fastest lap of the day too! Not bad!

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