Nomad DB8 Running Video – U4RC Footage

The Team Associated DB8 – 1/8th scale desert buggy quickly adapted to a U4RC race track in the 2.2″ Unlimited Class. Check out my Nomad DB8 running footage.


Great day of racing at the Summer Nationals. I debuted the Team Associated Nomad in the 2.2″ Unlimited class after getting the 2.2/3.0 wheels approved. Did great in the first two qualifiers starting 5th overall in the A Main. I ended up losing RWD midway through, and pulled out a 6th place finish for the day. The Nomad excelled on the jumps, straights and the whoops. It had challenges in the rocks, but if you kept the momentum going it drove right through them. Some minor tweaks and the Nomad will be the rig of choice. Enjoy the Nomad DB8 Running Video.


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See more of the Nomad DB here: Team Associated Nomad DB8 Quick Overview


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