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Many of my blogs consist of new items, reviews or news breaking things. Yesterday, I learned that Novak Electronics closed it’s doors for good. In one of my most recent builds, I had my first Novak electronics item (besides pinions, wire and accessories) and you could just tell it came from a long heritage of award winning designs. I started to feel the power of the “Orange”!

novak partBeing in the RC World for only 7 years now, I realized that Novak led the march for electronic speed controls back in the 1980’s and made “ESC’s” what they are today. I almost took for granted that Novak would just be around for ever. What really hit me yesterday was the number of heartbroken users, sponsored drivers, colleagues, etc. that left comments on the Novak Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media outlets.

One of the comments that really made way on FaceBook was from a good friend of mine, Shawn Ireland:

Bob Novak is right up there with Mike Reedy, Gene Husting, Roger Curtis and Ted Longshaw IMO. All brilliant people that influenced a lot of lives, including mine.”


Here’s the statement released by Novak yesterday:

“Since 1978, Novak has been proud to be a part of the remote-controlled hobby industry, designing and manufacturing important and innovative products to the market such as the modern-day ESC for R/C cars in 1983 (NESC-1), and the first R/C car sensored brushless motor and ESC in 2002 (Super Sport Brushless System). Our customers, our business partners, and all of the friendships we have formed in this industry have made owning and operating Novak not feel like “work” but rather fulfilling a passion.

We are announcing that we have decided to close down our operations effective today. This decision was difficult to make, as this has been a family business spanning two generations.

We are proud that we were able to continue to manufacture products in California during our 38 years in business, and we hope we have been a good steward to the industry. 20 IFMAR World Championships and countless ROAR and Club races were won with Novak products over the years and we want to especially thank our customers and race organizations for their belief in our product and their enthusiasm for the hobby.

Rather than saying good-bye, we wish to say thank you. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this incredible hobby and industry!

Bob Novak, Laura Novak, and Linda Novak”

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  1. Very sad just because when I got in to RC’s Novak was one of the best company out there.

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