“The One” – Nero 6S BLX – Review

Every once in a while, a Radio Control manufacturer comes out with “the one”.  You know, “the one” that everyone in the RC community must have.  It’s a vehicle that is ground breaking and new.  It’s not just a “slap on a new body” and “call it a day” vehicle like some manufacturers out there do.  It’s a whole new design/platform from the ground up.  It looks different, drives different and has some new technology.

Arrma Nero 6S BLXWhen I was contacted by Arrma to have a chance to drive the yet-to-be-released Nero 6S BLX 1/8th scale 4wd Monster Truck, I was caught off guard.  There was no info on the vehicle at the time I opened the box and I was puzzled.

It looked like nothing I had seen before from the Basher-Oriented company.  The closest thing to date from Arrma was the Kraton/Talion/Typhon/Senton from 2015, but they were all based on an aluminum chassis with a traditional 1/8th scale buggy lay out, stand up shocks, etc.  The Nero lived up to its Roman Emperor’s namesake and was completely different than any of its predecessors.

After opening the box, the main differences started with the Twin Vertical Plate chassis and Cantilever suspension, but I was struck be the shear size of this 1/8th scale monster truck.

Arrma Nero 6S BLX Body

The inner somewhat dinosaur looking chassis added more mystery to the beast.  Then there’s the “Diff Brain” where you, the controller, have the option to lock various differentials (front/center/rear) and various combinations at the turn of a switch on the remote.   Further inspection unveiled servo actuated differential lockers on all three diffs.  Add all new electronics including a re-branded HobbyWing BLX200 150 amp Electronic Speed Control, 2000kv brushless, sensorless motor and completely waterproof as a bonus!


The driveline was solid using universals on all 6 points and aluminum splined driveshafts through out.  The rig appeared to be very well balanced with the center motor position and unique side-saddle battery slots that were bottom loading for ease of keeping you on the track, longer without removing the body.

Bells and whistles on this flagship vehicle from Arrma included high current XT90 battery connectors, tethered bodypins, and aluminum serrated wheel nuts throughout.  The giant 3.8” wheels were glued to the DBoots Sand Scorpion tires with an all purpose tread that excelled at pavement driving vs. offroad.

It’s exciting to see manufacturers like Arrma take control and make something different.  Although the pricing is a bit premium now, the technology will trickledown and we hopefully will see more vehicles from Arrma using this platform.  Stay tuned!

Check out the Arrma Nero Running & Review Videos below:

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