Raw Speed RC – The Newest RC Aftermarket Company

Quit a Day Job for RC

When I heard that Jason Snyder, YouTube producer for his channel ShortcourseWorld decided to quit his day job in marketing to pursue manufacturing aftermarket RC parts and tires, I thought…oh, no!

As of late, the Remote Control industry is pretty volatile. Companies like Novak with almost 40 years in the business closed its doors. Then founding companies like HPI filing bankruptcy and getting sold off (practically) at auction.


Raw Speed’s main product line appears to be race tires, wheels and inserts. I can think of three HUGE companies that spend millions yearly on that “every RC needs it” upgrade.

What Makes Raw Speed RC Different?

Born in 2016 is Raw Speed RC making various 1/10th scale tires, wheels and inserts, Carbon Fiber upgrades and several accessories like tire bands and 3D cut ride height gauges. What’s different is the focus on a specific market of race vehicles and the amount of research and development that Jason and his team have done.

Raw Speed RC has taken every 1/10th scale tire, insert and wheel currently on the market and have formulated what works best. Currently in production are the Rocket and Enigma tires, which have proven to be very well liked in the RC community on damp or dry clay conditions. Complete with a tunable dust ring, you can dial in the right traction for your track. Did I mention pre-mounts are available? Nice!


Also available are the Stage Two line of tires made with the same compound as the Rocket and Enigma but with a matching tread design. The tread design has a unique combination of crossing lines and a strategic side pattern. The inner carcass is updated to give a more stable feel even with the most powerful modified motors.

The RCNetwork is all about Tool Tuesday and a couple of Raw Speed RC’s products will be airing soon including the 100% silicon tire bands – which come in a set of 8. That’s someone thinking! I don’t think I’ve ever only glued up only 4 tires before!

Also, the 3D printed ride height gauge that can easily become a drinking game!


In the end, Raw Speed RC’s products look well thought out. The amount of research and development appears to be staggering and should prove to be a welcomed new RC manufacturer. Have you tried Raw Speed’s products? Please comment below.

Check out the Tool Tuesday for the Raw Speed RC Height Gauge:

Check out the video for the Raw Speed 1/10 Buggy Tires:



  1. Kick ass channel Rich . You are the most professional RC channel host out of the million that have popped up . If that is your day job you are a very lucky man ! Sign me up . If your ever in Oregon and need a hand I’m a great worker . Thanks for all the informative videos .

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