RC Beginner Series – How to set Body Height

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People often get Ride Height (covered in the March 2017 episode) and Body Height confused in Remote Controlled vehicles as they do two different things. Here’s the differences:

Ride Height

Ride Height determines how far the body and chassis sit together into the suspension or what’s called in other industries, suspension sag. This is done by adjusting how much spring tension is in the shocks by adding or removing clips or dialing up or down the shock spring retainer in fancier shocks.

Body Height

Body Height determines how far the body is lowered or raised towards the chassis giving a lower or higher stance by dropping or raising the body for optimal clearance or aerodynamics. Raising up your body would be better in off-road environments where lowering your body will benefit on road/drift environments


How to adjust your body height

Most “full body” RC vehicles have adjustable body mounts that can be raised or lowered depending on the body that is mounted. Typically, RTR vehicles are set in a middle position to allow for adjustment. By simply unscrewing the set screw in the body mount, I was able to select another position and lower the body mount by 2 positions.


What’s the benefit?

On my Team Associated ProRally, I was able to lower my body height by about 8-10mm allowing for a lower stance for on road driving. This would give the ProRally a lower center of gravity and a bit better aerodynamic position in the turns and the straights.


Are you rubbing?

A quick suspension check will determine if you have tire rub on the inner fenders. For on road driving, you may not see full suspension travel like you would for off road environments that would include jumps and landing. Simply cycling the suspension travel of your wheel will determine if the tire hits the inner fenders. For off road, you do not want any rubbing as it will alter your suspension travel and control of the vehicle.



Well, that’s it. A simple yet beneficial trick the costs nothing more than a 5 minute test of your hex driver! I was able to lower the body height and give my Team Associated ProRally a mean look!
Have you tried adjusting your body posts for a better result? Let me know in the comments below!

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