RC Beginner Series – How to Clean Your RC

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So, you just ran that sparkling brand new remote controlled vehicle and now it looks like it’s done the Baja 1000 in record time? Here’s how to clean your RC in about 5 minutes to keep it looking and performing great.

RC Beginner Series – How to Clean Your RC

Why Clean your RC?

It keeps your RC looking great and functioning great. Shocks, drive train and other suspension components will benefit if dirt and grime are not getting in the way of their job. Take a look at some of the Pro’s RC’s – they’re immaculate for a reason – they want that perfect performance and to look great for their sponsors.

The Blow Off

Using a household air compressor is a quick and easy way to blow off 90% of the dirt and grime from your RC. Any compressor that can hold about 90-100 psi is up for the task and a simple $5 blow off gun makes it easy. I like to remove the body, wheels/tires and battery before I start. Concentrate on “sweeping” the dirt/dust from one side of the vehicle to the other and hit all of those areas where dirt collects like the shocks, driveshafts, electronics, etc. Give your car a flip and blow off the underside. In all, this should take about 1-2 minutes and get your car looking 90% cleaner!


The Brush Off

Using everyday household items is great in RC. A simple simple bristle paint brush can help get the remaining “stuck on” dirt out of areas it shouldn’t be. Make sure and brush the areas that are more sensitive like the wheel bearings, shock bodies and crevices that dirt and sand get caught. This should take another 1-2 minutes.


The Towel Off

The last step in the process is grabbing a microfiber towel and some simple household degreaser (make sure and read the safety label for using on plastics) and wipe down the larger plastic areas. I like to spray the degreaser directly on the towel and not the RC – less is more in this case. Want to get that professional look on your Lexan body? Try using Pledge, Endust or even Meguire’s Quik Spray Wax.


How do you clean your RC? Has this blog/video helped? Please comment below and get that RC dirty now!

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