RC Beginner Series – Slipper Clutch Adjustments

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The Slipper Clutch

The slipper clutch is one of the most overlooked adjustable items on your Remote Control vehicle. Now, in most RTR vehicles, especially 2wd and some 4wd like in my Team Associated ProRally the slipper clutch allows power to transfer through the slipper plates. If there is a jolt, burst of power, bad landing, etc, the slipper plates will “slip” and not transfer the power. This built in safety feature keeps our RC’s running and less broken that if now slipper clutch was present.

Where is your Slipper Clutch?

On most 2wd vehicles, it’s attached to the spur gear right by the motor and usually has a 7mm nut that allows for the adjustment. A nut driver or T wrench is all you need to make your adjustments

On most 4wd vehicles, it’s also attached to the spur gear right by the motor in either the center of the vehicle or center/rear of the vehicle like my ProRally. An open ended wrench is typically needed to adjust this type of slipper clutch as the slipper assembly is in line from the rear to the front of the vehicle.

Owner’s Manual Slipper Clutch Settings

Most hobby grade RC’s come with well written and helpful owner’s manuals. There’s usually a section about the slipper clutch and will usually have advice on adjusting and a stock setting for your slipper clutch. The owner’s manual will also include model specific information that may not be covered in this segment

When to Adjust your Slipper Clutch?

Depending on your track surface and tire choice your traction will vary and a well adjusted slipper clutch will help transfer power efficiently and display a well balanced and planted feel on your RC (4wd). Start with the manufacturers recommended setting and slowly tighten the slipper nut 1/8th turns and test each time until the amount of slip meets your expectation. To test this, drop your RC on the track and give it a whirl. You should see slight wheelie’s (front tires picking up) on full throttle for 4wd and 3-4” of wheelie’s for 2wd. The more you back off the slipper, the less wheelie you will see.

I hope you find this article informative and helpful in all your RC endeavors! Now get out there and have fun RC’ing!

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Oct. –  Adjusting Slipper Clutch
Nov. – Inspecting Suspension/Free Suspension
Dec. – Shock positions


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