RC Budget Build Giveaway! – Closed

**Congratulations goes to Brook from Watertown, New York for winning the RC Budget Build Giveaway.** Big thanks to all who entered!!

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Be sure to check out the RC Budget Build here.



  1. I have watched every vid of u building and putting the buggy together and it’s awesome

  2. I love your videos man after I watched your video about the axial yeti I saved up some money a purchased my first RC car.

  3. Nice build!!

  4. Mansour Al-Malki

    A wish to be answered :'(

  5. Once again US only… ive watched every video you’ve done and always look forward for the next. Would be nice to be included in the competitions would even pay the postage…
    Im from the UK.

  6. I really hope to win I don’t have much money to put towards rc cars so this is a great opportunity I also really love the rc network it’s such a good rc channel I watch daily

  7. I’ve been wanting to get into rc cars and racing. This would be great in my collection of rc vehicles.

  8. Awesome build ! Shows RC racing is possible for all budgets.Thanks

  9. awesome videos. been around since the beginning and it only gets better! keep up the amazing rc artistry. who knows maybe i will be the lucky giveaway pick too.

  10. Guillermo Herrera

    My son and i love your videos watch all of them as I get the notifications. Keep up the great work.

  11. Plz i need this chance lets go rcnetwork !!!

  12. I will love to win this so I could get back in to raceing being a long time love the old stuff like RC10 and Losi will like to try the new one,

  13. earl satterfield

    i hope to get the giveaway but if not i could use any and all spare parts for any rc vehicles. i kinda frankenstein stuff together to make rc’s for underprivelidged children and i have many many kids who deserve them. doesnt have to be a handout i’ll buy stuff if its cheap enough and pay shipping. also i can give you my not for profit info so you could write it off on taxes…any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated . i’ve built and given 22 rc’s since i started 3 months ago, but…..im running out of parts and money to keep up this pace..thank you.

  14. Nice builds always like to watch them maybe someday I will do my own

  15. Edward Mangione

    Thank you for the chance. Keep up the great videos

  16. I saw on your Scx10ll build you used mip shafts. I haven’t seen a specific set for the Scx10ll. Im guess you pieced together at set. What did you use?

    • Hi Lee,

      That was a total experiment. Since mirroring the transmission, the stock driveshafts had to be pieced together too. I had a front driveshaft for a Wraith from MIP, which that is….but I had to grind off the collars to make it fit. It’s not guaranteed because of the high drive on the ring and pinion.

  17. Been looking at this car for my daughters to start racing with. Enjoys the hobby.

  18. Derrick Brandon

    Gotta say this build turned out really good

  19. Rich, This and all your builds are top notch! Keep up the good work. Thanks for bringing life into the hobby. Your giveaways are awesome exposure, hopefully a freebie will get my brother into it. He said he is entered as well. Love the channel!

  20. Kenneth MANEELEY

    This car would be great for my grqndson Jason whonis about ready to turn 8 years old on march 23. Then i could take hime to the track here. In Fort Walton Beach Florida at B&t raceway. He could enter novice class and work his way up thru the ranks!

  21. Truly a amazing build! Good job and that hole series of rc budget build I love watching these kinda things cause I’m just a 13 year old and getting nice cars for the big bucks is hard, so just so glad to see you giving back to all your supporters, amazing job Rich!!!

  22. Sean Fredericks

    What a great build.

  23. Watch your videos for the past year. Have been wanting to get into racing for a while. I only have a basher. It would be awesome to win.

  24. Ronald jablonski

    Good luck to us all

  25. This looks so sick

  26. That’s the cleanest car I’ve ever seen

  27. **Congratulations goes to Brook from Watertown, New York for winning the RC Budget Build Giveaway.** Big thanks to all who entered!!

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