RC Budget Build 1- Reveal – Atomik V2MR 1/10 Buggy KIT

Wow! What a great response on the RC Budget Build!! It’s just amazing what you can build with a little searching on the interweb for deals! Having a budget in RC is very helpful, as many of the products out there can be very costly and quickly add up to a small house payment. Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions!  Today we look at the RC Budget Build Reveal and total up the complete build for less than $250!


A Perfect Price

Especially on low budget builds, things might not be perfect. I showed several little quirks that the Atomik kit had and to be honest, big name – high dollar kits have their issues too! When ever there’s a huge price cut on a kit, there is risk – which in the Atomik’s case is part support and it being discontinued. But the big advantage was the $65/$80 price point. The important thing about RC is having fun. I have shown that you can build up a ready to run, race ready buggy for under $250. Here’s a full recap of the products used in this build including where you can purchase some of the items.

Build Total

$245 – RC Budget Build Total!


Budget Build Options

So, that leads me to my first point in this blog. Although I chose to use the Atomik V2MR 2wd 1/10th Scale buggy(which is now sold out and probably a collectors item!), there are many other options out there for a budget build. Many of you have given great options for your own budget build including:

Current models from lesser known manufacturers:

HobbyKing BZ222
3Racing Cactus

Previous Generation models from the big names but you have to act quick on these:

TLR 22 2.0
Team Associated B5/B5m

Another great option is purchasing a lightly used rolling chassis. Typically used products are about 50% of the new selling price and if you have good timing can be even less. A great example is when the Team Associated B6 was released, there was a flood of B5’s on the market place and some rolling chassis were selling for $100!! Always be aware when buying used and try to see the model before you purchase. If buying online, buy from reputable sites like eBay that offer some buyer protection against getting something that’s not as pictured/described and give seller ratings on their past transactions.

…And It’s Giveaway Time

Yes, The RCNetwork will be giving away this Atomik V2MR 2wd 1/10th Scale buggy.  Stay tuned for details and make sure you’re connected: Subscribe || Facebook || Instagram || YouTube.

Check out the whole RC Budget Build:

RC Budget Build – Atomic V2MR 1/10th Buggy KIT – Unboxing

RC Budget Build Update – Atomik 1/10th buggy KIT

RC Budget Build Electronics – HOBBYWING Quicrun Brushless Sensored System

So are you planning a budget build? What’s going to be your chassis? Did you find something in my video series/blog inspirational? Please share below!


  1. Thanks for making this video love these videos so I can get more cars and different things for epic your channel and webpage help me so much thanks

  2. Rich, I have more V2MR kits for sale! I found some un-accounted for inventory while clearing these out. At this time of writing, I have 10 left! I will also be getting the carbon fiber upgrades back in stock in about a month.

  3. This is awesome Rich!! A buggy to race stock for under $300 is just unheard of! The best thing about it is that you just buy a spare kit for spare parts. Brilliant!!

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