RC Budget Build 1 – Atomic V2MR 1/10th Buggy KIT – Unboxing

RC Budget Build Series – Budget Week!

After many, many requests, The RCNetwork has embarked on an RC budget build series. In this series we will take a journey to create a $250 race worthy RTR.

Why an RC budget build?

One of the best selling segments in the hobby grade RC world is the sub $300 range of RTR vehicles. Building a $250 ARTR race worthy vehicle is unheard of these days when typical race vehicles can hit the $1,000 mark very easily. Most race kits do not include electronics and wheels / tires which drives the price up dramatically. This also gives some one with any budget a reason to get out there and have fun RCing!

Why a 1/10th Scale 2wd buggy?

At many tracks across the world, 2wd buggy is the most popular race class. Whether it is stock (17.5t motors) buggy or mod (faster turn motors) buggy people of all ages excel in this class. It’s also the least expensive to maintain – as you only have one drive system (2wd vs 4wd). Parts are just cheaper overall and consumables like tires, bodies, etc. are less consumed just because of the nature of the buggy configuration. Front tires are almost never in need of replacement and the buggy body never suffers in a crash. A 2wd buggy also teaches you how to drive. It gives you skills and finesse that cannot be taught when driving 4wd vehicles.

Video schedule

  • Unboxing of the Atomik V2MR 1/10th Scale 2wd buggy kit with upgraded carbon fiber shock towers (Monday Feb 13, 2017)
  • Build update of the Atomik V2MR which goes over how the build went, tools needed, fluids needed and any issues I saw with the manual, part fitment and over all quality (Tuesday Feb 14, 2017)
  • Electronics Choice – which brushless, sensored motor and ESC I chose for the build. You will be amazed as this Set sells for under $100 from a reputable company. (Wednesday Feb 15, 2017)
  • Full Reveal and Special Announcement. We go over how the electronics installed, tire choice, paint colors and the final ready to race product. There will be a special announcement at the end of the video! Be sure to connect with us: Subscribe || Facebook || Instagram || YouTube. (Thursday Feb 16, 2017)

So, are you looking for a budget racer? Have you always wanted to get into racing, but thought the price tag was too high?


  1. Rich, I have more V2MR kits for sale! I found some un-accounted for inventory while clearing these out. At this time of writing, I have 10 left! I will also be getting the carbon fiber upgrades back in stock in about a month.

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