Reedy Race 2017 – The RCNetwork Edition

The Reedy Race 2017

The Reedy Race 2017 of Off-Road Champions has come and gone Jan 19-22, 2017. Put on by Team Associated / Reedy Electronics and hosted by the world famous OCRC Raceway in Huntington Beach, CA, the Reedy Race is much more than just a race.

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The Road to Reedy

Following on social media brings people together to enjoy a common interest, hobby or political affiliation (as of late), but seen over an over again was a “Road to Reedy” slogan. For two, Chadd Brockman and Travis Fischer of Aurora, CO it was an epic trip and preparation. Chadd, owner of MHOR Raceway in Aurora, CO and Travis, Kyosho sponsored driver set out to be a part of The Reedy this year and make the voyage to California and compete in the open class. Preparing was half of the battle – both drivers switched chassis recently with Chadd going from TLR to Team Associated and Travis changing from TLR to his new sponsor, Kyosho.

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Running the Reedy Off Road Race has certain rules:

You must run a 1/10th scale 2wd buggy and a 1/10th scale 4wd buggy
You must run the tires selected for the event which was a mix of JConcepts tires and foams for 2wd and Pro-Line tires and JConcepts foams for the 4wd event

How did Travis and Chadd do?

The competition was tough with over 100 lottery chosen open class contestants (and another 200+ on the waiting list), but it wasn’t about winning…….it was about the experience of being part of The Reedy.

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Reedy Race 2017-mhor-travis-car
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One of the Open Class Winners

Brent Thielke, Team Manager for Team Associated clinched the overall 2wd championship with his B6 buggy. It was a truly impressive race, as Brent focuses more on developing his team than his own racing skills, but he threw down some skills in 2wd!

Reedy Race 2017-open-winners
Reedy Race 2017-brents-car

The Invite Class

Now this is what really makes The Reedy, The Reedy. Every year, certain top level drivers are “invited” to participate at The Reedy and compete in the “Invite Class” and the competition is extraordinary. You have professional drivers from all over the world competing for that one title – overall champion. Making a first at The Reedy was the first female invite driver, 11 year old Malin Karlsen from Norway. Yes, 11 years old! It was amazing seeing her hold her own with a big group of professional guys out there on the driver stand.

Reedy Race 2017-malin-karlsen

Who won the Invite Class?

It was a hard race between the Ryan’s (Cavalieri and Maifield) but Ryan Cavalieri (Team Associated) made it happen to clinch the overall title with Ryan Maifield (Yokomo) in 2nd and Ty Tessmann (X-Ray) in 3rd.

Reedy Race 2017-invite-winners
Reedy Race 2017-ryan-cavalieri

How has The Reedy Race been apart of your RC life?  Comment below!

To find out more about The Reedy check out this video published by Live RC:

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