The Team Associated B6/B6d Frenzy!

Well, it seems as though the Team Associated B6/B6d has taken the race world by storm! Everything from regular Joe’s to all out Pro’s, the B6 platform has already claimed celebrity status at local and regional events in the US.

Spencer Rivkin pulled a sweep (2wd, 4wd and truck) at the JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals with the B6 platform bringing it home. Team Manager, Brent Thielke didn’t let age effect the same race bringing a TQ and 1st place finish in the +40 2wd Modified, once again with the B6 platform.


Aftermarket manufacturers are rushing to get the newest upgrades available for the B6/B6d platforms including Schelle Racing Innovations and RawSpeed RC cranking out prototype carbon fiber battery straps!

Team Associated also announced a full laydown transmission conversion kit for the B6d (to go from stand up to laydown) and it retails for $27.00. Really?? Only $27?? Team Associated is making this way too easy (and cheap) to modify your vehicle for almost any track.


Well, after a couple of planned vacations, I have fully assembled my B6d and have it ready to hit the track this week. Overall, the build went great. The Reedy electronics were a breeze to install and the added accessories from Schelle Racing Innovations (wing buttons, chassis protector) gave it the icing on the cake! I used Pactra Metallic Blue backed with Outlaw Black for the body.

Wheels, tires and inserts from RawSpeed RC made their first appearance at The RCNetwork with the Enigma and Rocket series of pre-mounts that got me ready for the track without having to get the glue out!


Check out the reveal video here:

If you missed the unboxing, check it out by clicking here.


  1. I like the color, what is it?

  2. Hey Rich, good job on the B6D build. The car looks great! I had a question as to what wheel nuts you used.


    Greg M.

  3. Hi Rich,
    I don’t see any running videos or updates on how the B6D runs together with the reedy brushless combo? I’m getting the same brushless combo shortly and was wondering how you found the performance, set up and reliability? I’ll be putting it in a RC10 Worlds re-release.

    • Hi Dan, The Reedy electronics are great. If you’re going to run only stock get the 800z. If you plan to run mod, the 1000z is a better choice. I didn’t have enough running footage to make a good video. Let me know how it goes for you. Thanks!

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