Team Associated Nomad DB8 Quick Overview

Team Associated’s Limited Edition run of the Nomad DB8 is a great compromise between scale realism and true 1/8th scale performance and durability. Check out my quick overview of the Desert Buggy.

Nomad DB8

Based on the SC8/RC8.2 platform, this Qualifier Series RTR (minus battery) Limited Edition run will sell for $519. The chassis is all 1/8th scale with 16mm shocks and 17mm hex wheel hubs based on a 3 fluid filled/geared differential system. Reedy electronics are capable of 2s-4s Lipo power.

Desert Buggy

For the DB (Desert Buggy) side of things, the body’s tube chassis is extra stout and very rigid with modular body panels and complete with detailed interior with driver and navigator figures/heads. The entire tube chassis lifts off the chassis with 4 body clips holding it down, so you have full access to suspension and electronics within seconds.


On the U4RC side of things, this is a Full Independent Suspension design, so it would only qualify for the new 2.2″ Unlimited Class. The driveline is extra stout and really doesn’t have any weak links as it’s all based on 1/8th scale components.


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