Tekno DB48 Desert Buggy – Customized U4RC Racer

So I took matters into my own hands and created the best customized 1/8 scale 4wd buggy for the U4RC race. I of course stayed within the rules to compete! I started with Tekno’s SCT410.3 Kit, put in a longer chassis, added Team Associated’s Nomad DB8 cage and created my customized Tekno DB48 Desert Buggy. I ended up winning both heats with a TQ for the A Main of the 2.2″ Unlimited Class. This customized desert buggy not only performed well, but dominated the race. Read my race report by clicking here.

Do you think Tekno RC should sell this version as a KIT? Please email them at teknorc@teknorc.com and request the DB48 KIT!

Tekno DB48 Desert Buggy Modifications Part 1

Part 1 of 2 of my build series on my custom Tekno DB48 Desert Buggy 4wd 1/8th scale I used for racing in the U4RC in SoCal. Get the Tekno SCT410.3 KIT by clicking here. Also, check out the bonus running footage at the end!


Tekno DB48 Desert Buggy Modifications Part 2

Part 2 of 2 of my build series on my custom Tekno DB48 Desert Buggy 4wd 1/8th scale I used for racing U4RC in SoCal. Part 2 gets into the nitty gritty of modifying the SCT410.3 into a DB48 Desert Buggy. Also, check out the bonus running footage at the end!

**Please be advised – at the time of this shooting, the U4RC rules were changed to accommodate a wider track width to 13.5″ – so as a fix for the rear wheel issue, you can use the 1.25″ Vanquish Products Cans on their wheels and 850 sized SLW hubs. On a side note, after checking with CarterFab Machine, he is no longer making the 1″ cans – but the rule change will allow for a wider width now.

Side Notes:
As for oils – I’m running stock shock oil – AE 20wt rear and AE 30wt fronts. Diffs are stock r/f and AE 500k in the center

I also trimed down the outer rear hinge pins and used shallow locking nuts to further reduce the size to help clear the wheels. This may not have to be done when using the 850SLW hubs.



Here’s some items mentioned in the Tekno DB48 Part 2 video:

Tekno SCT410.3 KIT: https://www.teknorc.com/shop/tkr5507-sct410-3-110th-4wd-competition-short-course-truck/

Parts to lengthen the chassis to the ET48.3 plate and driveline

  • Diff Coupler (2) – https://www.teknorc.com/shop/tkr5075-diff-coupler-lightened-hardened-steel/
  • Diff Outdrives – https://www.teknorc.com/shop/tkr5112x-differential-outdrives-center-lightened/
  • Front Center Driveshaft – https://www.teknorc.com/shop/tkr5191-tapered-driveshaft-center-front-7075-aluminum-black-anodized-ebet48/
  • Chassis Braces – www.teknorc.com/shop/tkr5362-chassis-brace-set-nb48-nt48/
  • Rear Center Driveshaft: https://www.teknorc.com/shop/tkr5676-driveshaft-center-rear-steel-et48/
  • ET48.3 Chassis Plate: https://www.teknorc.com/shop/tkr5601-chassis-7075-4mm-hard-anodized-lightened-et48/

Cage Items

  • Nomad Cage: https://www.teamassociated.com/parts/details/89600-ASC89600-nomad_cage/
  • Nomad Interior: https://www.teamassociated.com/parts/details/89608-ASC89608-nomad_driver_cockpit/
  • Nomad Driver/Nav Heads: https://www.teamassociated.com/parts/details/89609-ASC89609-nomad_driver_helmets/
  • Aluminum Panel sheets: amzn.to/2hJg34s



Check out this video for the Tekno DB48 Outtakes and crashes:

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