Tekno EB410 Build Update – 1/10th Scale 4wd Buggy

Here’s how my Tekno EB410 Build update for the 1/10th scale 4wd buggy kit looks prior to electronics and wheels/tires. In this video I go over:

    • Tools needed
    • Owners Manual
    • Remaining Parts
    • Key Features
    • Assembly issues
    • Option Parts
    • Weight
    • Overall opinion

Want your own Tekno EB410? Get it here: www.teknorc.com/shop/tkr6500-eb410-110th-4wd-competition-electric-buggy-kit/

Tekno EB410 Build Update-installed-shocks
Tekno EB410 Build Update-finished-shocks
Tekno EB410 Build Update-shocks

Here’s some items mentioned for the Tekno EB410 Build:

MIP Hex Drivers: amzn.to/2ftCs52
MIP Nut Drivers: amzn.to/2jBYh76
MIP 4.0mm Turnbuckle Wrench: www.miponline.com/store/mip9715.html

Tekno 4/5mm Turnbuckle Wrench: amzn.to/2ftlhAT
Body Shears: amzn.to/2yjlk9V
Needle nose pliers: amzn.to/2wA6DgP
Hobby Knife: amzn.to/2wA1wgF

Calipers: amzn.to/2ftMFi7
3.0mm Arm Reamer: amzn.to/2xdZwOw
Body Reamer: amzn.to/2wAhc3q
Tekno Shock Shaft Pliers: amzn.to/2xeyqa6

ProTek RC Blue O Ring Grease: www.amainhobbies.com/protek-rc-premier-blue-oring-grease-multipurpose-lubricant-10ml-ptk-1410/p448398

Tekno EB410 Build Update-chassis1
Tekno EB410 Build Update-chassis2
Tekno EB410 Build Update-finished-chassis

In case you missed it, here’s the EB410 unboxing: Tekno EB410 – 1/10th 4wd Buggy KIT – Unboxing!

See more from Tekno RC here:


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