Tekno EB410 Reveal – 1/10th 4wd Buggy KIT Completed

Here’s my full Tekno EB410 reveal of the 1/10th scale 4wd buggy KIT.  In this video, I cover all the additional items that went into the kit to make it run along with tips and tricks, full running weight and a bonus ending of things to come.

The Tekno EB410 was a great build, easy to follow instructions top quality materials and selecting electronics and wheels/tires was very simple.  Installation of the additional items was easy due to the great electronics forward layout on the chassis.

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Tekno EB410 Reveal-front2
Tekno EB410 Reveal-front

Here’s some items mentioned in this video:

Tekno EB410 1/10th 4wd Buggy KIT:  www.teknorc.com/shop/tkr6500-eb410-110th-4wd-competition-electric-buggy-kit/


Pro-Line front wheels:  www.prolineracing.com/wheels/velocity-2-2-4wd-front-white-wheels-ae-b64/

Pro-Line rear wheels:  www.prolineracing.com/wheels/velocity-2.2-hex-rear-white-wheels/

Pro-Line front Positrons:


Tekno EB410 Reveal-tire

Pro-Line rear Positrons:  www.prolineracing.com/tires/positron-2.2-mc-clay-off-road-buggy-rear-tires/

Paint/Wing Buttons

Pactra Metallic Blue Paint:  amzn.to/2xzg2cg

Pactra Outlaw Black Paint:  amzn.to/2xyV5OB

Schelle Racing Wing Buttons:  amzn.to/2xzlnAf


Tekin Redline Gen3 Spec R 13.5t Brushless / Sensored Motor: amzn.to/2yAvyTN

Tekno EB410 Reveal-motor

Tekin RS Pro Black Edition ESC:  www.amainhobbies.com/tekin-rs-pro-black-edition-bl-sensored-sensorless-brushless-esc-tektt1160/p696020

Tekno EB410 Reveal-esc

ProAmps BLS108 (181oz/in and .05 sec) Servo:  www.fiercercsolutions.com/Pro-Amps-BLS108-LP-Proamps-BLS108.htm

Tekno EB410 Reveal-servo

ProAmps 4200mah 60c Shorty Lipo Battery:  www.fiercercsolutions.com/Pro-Amps-4200MAH-2S-2P-74V-60-C-SHORT-PACK-Hi-Voltage-PRO4200SHORT.htm

Tekno EB410 Reveal-battery

Robinson Racing 25t Pinion:  amzn.to/2fL0bOp

Tekno EB410 Reveal-side
Tekno EB410 Reveal-back-side

So, do you plan on building a Tekno EB410?  What electronics and tires will you run?  Comment below and have fun RCing!

Special thanks to Jake Thayer and Kurt Wenger for the guest driver segments and Derek Gan for capturing some great footage!

Check out more on the Tekno EB410:

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