Tekno EB48.4 1/8th Scale Electric Buggy KIT – Unboxing/New Features

Now in its fourth generation, the Tekno EB48.4 is packed with even MORE features and upgrades from the previous generation. In this video, I show what comes in the box and a quick compare on new features of the 48.4 vs. my in studio 48.3


What’s new with the Tekno EB48.4

  • New body
  • Gearing recommendations
  • Improved chassis plate
  • Front bearing supported spindles
  • New front A-arms
  • New ackerman bar
  • 2.5 mm hex cap screws
  • Front and rear universal driveshafts
  • Complete CNC shock package

For more information and to purchase, click link here: Tekno EB48.4.

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