Tekno MT410 Monster Truck – Running Video

Tekno RC’s First Basher

Tekno RC released its first “basher” type of vehicle, the Tekno MT410 Monster Truck. Deciphering the code of MT410 leaves us with MT being Monster Truck and 410 being 4wd and 1/10th scale. Now for the “basher” recoginition, Tekno RC is known to be a “Racer” vehicle coming always in “kit” form and being heavily raced at sanctioned events throughout the US and the world. Electric Buggy, Shortcourse Truck, Truggy and a couple of nitro versions have surfaced throughout the years. Tekno RC is one of the most durable vehicles rarely skimping on materials and design. The MT410 comes as a huge surprise to the RC industry, being Tekno RC’s first non-race type of vehicle. It has all of the bones of their race level vehicles, but it is a Monster Truck. Until now, the Monster Truck RC market is heavily dominated by RTR manufactures that depended on branding, marketing and licensed sponsorships like “Bigfoot” and “Gravedigger” to help sell poorly designed/less durable Monster Trucks. Tekno RC dropped in serious race proven engineering and materials into a platform that many other brands have left fragile and uninspiring.


What does it take to build the kit?

Now, in comparison, the MT410 is expensive to build and outfit. It does not come with electronics, a body or wheels/tires. It is roughly twice expensive as X brand’s RTR. What makes the MT410 so great is the fact that you get to choose the right electronics, your choice of body and paint and the tires for your specific terrain. These are items that you would end up upgrading anyways since many RTR manufacturers skimp on those items or give you “multi-purpose” tires/electronics. Tekno RC is using all existing parts for the MT410. So parts will be readily available if by chance something breaks – towers, bumpers and body mounts from the SCT410.X, chassis and driveline from the EB48.X and arms/driveshafts from the ET48.X

So what products did I use to build my MT410? I outfitted it with some pretty nice electronics from Tekin Racing, Hitec RCD and GensAce 4S Lipo power from Hobbybatteryz.com. Body, wheels and tires were brought in from Pro-Line Racing, which always delivers the best styling, and performance. All in all, the Tekno RC MT410 cost right under $1,100 to outfit with my choices, but it was well worth it.

Check out my posts on the Tekno MT410 Monster Truck KIT – Build Update 1 and the Tekno MT410 Reveal! – 4wd Monster Truck KIT where I list out all the parts I used.

So, how does it drive?

AMAZING! Just as you would expect a top shelf Monster Truck KIT to drive. I got a chance to take the Tekno RC MT410 out for its maiden voyage last Friday and it was amazing to say the least. The suspension was plush with its huge 16mm race inspired shocks (see intro on video, with a 4ft drop test!) The chassis is really narrow which allows you to have some serious control and maneuvering mid air. Did you see the very easy back and front flips? The drivetrain held up nicely through out the first drive with 3 fluid filled differential and universal driveshafts throughout. It turned quick with the short chassis from the Buggy and long arms Truggy. Jumping and landing was easy. It always seemed to land on the rubber side!

“Holy cow! That opening scene! Looked like you were gonna pull back from that roll and then last minute you’re just like, “BRAKES!”. All of us in the office erupted when that happened.” -Tekno RC

Check out the video here:

Is the Tekno RC MT410 KIT for you?

Who is this Tekno RC MT410 KIT for? It’s for the hobbyist that wants the best performing Monster Truck on the market. It’s durable, easy to drive and jump, made for speed, and will be a great investment in the long term (think no upgrades ever needed!) Stay tuned for my full review of the Tekno RC MT410 coming soon.  Tell me what you think below about this Tekno RC monster truck.

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