Is the Tekno MT410 worth $450?

I’ve had my Tekno MT410, 1/10th scale 4wd monster truck kit for about 4 months now, so it’s time for a full RCNetwork review. For most people, the pricing of the kit is a bit scary, because after the purchase of the kit for $450, you’ll easily put another $500 into it to make it a running, driving RC vehicle.  Is the Tekno MT410 worth it?

What’s in the Box

So, what do you get in the box? You get basically a chassis titled a “Monster Truck”, but in actuality, you’re getting Tekno’s EB (Electric Buggy) chassis plate and a Truggy wide driveline. Ninety-nine percent of the parts already available from Tekno’s current kits went into populating the MT410’s box of parts. All the parts in the kit are top quality – and used in their high end race kits. Everything is fully adjustable with durability as a top priority. All aluminum was machined CNC’d aluminum and the plastics were typical Tekno-tough. The owner’s manual was well written and illustrated and is one of the easiest kits to build on the RC market.


What you Need

What will you still need to purchase? Here’s a list of parts outside of the usual tools, fluids, glue, paint, etc:


Size Matters

Yes, Tekno labeled this as a 1/10th scale monster truck. And no, it’s not a true 1/8th scale, but neither are many of the “1/8th scale” monster trucks on the market. Here are some things that I believe classify it as 1/8th: It uses 1/8th scale electronics, wheels, tires and body. It has traditional 1/8th scale driveline/suspension including 17mm wheel hubs, large 16mm shocks, 4mm aluminum chassis plate to name a few.


How it Drives

How does the Tekno MT410 drive? GREAT! This has easily become one of my top 5 favorite vehicles of all time. It’s very easy to drive, control and you end up looking like a pro driver. The MT410 uses a short chassis and wide arms, so it stays planted on the straights and in the corners. It is easily controlled in the air on jumps and has zero nose dive issues like many other monster trucks. The MT410 can easily back flip, front flip and do wheelies like no one’s business!



What would I improve on the MT410? It would be nice to see an aluminum servo horn included in the kit. I know there’s issues with should it being 23t, 24t or 25t…..but many of the main servo makers have started to merge to 25t (even Hitec has dropped the 24t thing with their new servos). Lastly, aluminum shock caps would be great. It looks like this was the one corner that Tekno cut on outfitting the MT410’s box of parts. Although I have never had an issue with my plastic caps, aluminum caps would give that extra durability point.

Is the Tekno MT410 Worth It?

So, is the Tekno MT410 worth $450 for the KIT? YES! When you start to think about the RTR market and the amount of corners that get cut by trying to hit that “price point” – You know, underpowered servos, stamped aluminum, brittle plastic, flimsy bodies, sub-par assembly, tires that are good on no surface you run at…..the list goes on. The Tekno MT410 packs a big punch and if coupled with some good electronics, wheels/tires and body, you will have the ultimate 4wd monster truck on the planet.

Have you thought about buying the Tekno MT410? Do you own an MT410? Please feel free to comment below!


  1. What are your top 5?

  2. My Mt is a blast to drive everyone should have one im ready for another one!

  3. what motor and speed control did you install? The links aren’t working.

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