The RCNetwork Giveaway!

***This Giveaway has ended***

And the Winners Are…

Thanks to everyone who entered our Giveaway!! You made it a great success with just under 4,000 entries.  Thanks again to the Giveaway sponsors: Pro-Line Racing, Hobbico, Tower Hobbies and Testors Corp./Pactra. Now the winners are…

Grand Prize: Chris, Niagara Falls, NY

2nd Prize: Jeffrey, Happy Valley, OR

3rd Prize: Joel, Petaluma, CA

Congratulations to our winners!!


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Check out the Giveaway video to find out more:



  1. Keep up the great work!!! I love the RC Network.

  2. Love watching your videos very informative and very helpful keep up the excellent work man thanks for setting up the website it’s a great way to reach out to the community and pass on your knowledge rock on

  3. If it wasn’t for rc I don’t know what I would do!Lol !! RC Network thanks for all the videos and information! You guys rock

  4. RCN Network love your videos congrats on 30k subs. Hope to see 50k, 100k, 500k, and a million subscribers. Keep up the great work.

  5. Keep up the great work I love to watch your vids they are so great.

  6. Love the videos. Congrats on 30k subscribers. Congrats on the new website.

  7. Its crazy how long ive been watching..good job man congrats.

  8. You guys provide great videos that are very informative and helpful. Thanks.

  9. I’m going to feel bad if I win those are awesome prizes

  10. I follow The RC Network on all social media and find you guys to be informative. I am how ever very disappointed that you guys run a contest and only have it open to US residents. I am speaking on behalf of all the people in the rc hobby that follow you from outside the United States be far and have your contests open to everyone!

    • Hi Brian, Unfortunately it’s not easy for international giveaways because each country has its own rules/laws about giveaways. One size doesn’t fit all. As The RCNetwork grows, I’ll be able to offer specific giveaways for those in other countries. Thanks for subscribing and being apart of The RCNetwork, couldn’t do it without you!

  11. awesome tou have helped me and my kids so much at the track hope your channel gets way bigger .

  12. Pavel Terletskiy


  13. I enjoy watching all of your videos on YouTube . Great job man ! Have you ever tried bondic it works great for r/c car body’s . That has cracked and works on other parts as well.

  14. Keep up the good work

  15. Keep up the good work!! Great job and congrats on 30k!!!

  16. Videos are great help ip to make educated purchases thanks for the hard work

  17. I love ur channel its helped me alot getting back in to rc’s again u have helped me with my choice of upgrades

  18. What channel is the best

  19. Super informative videos. Keep up the good work. ☺

  20. Love your YouTube channel. Always great info. Hope the prizes go to some of your younger subscribers thou. I love to see the young guys/gals on fixed income get some swag! please let me know how to get some of your RC network sticker to put on my tool boxes and bodies! Also where can I purchase a hat or shirt to help support RC network. Thanks again for all you years of RC info and the wealth of knowledge you have passed on to the new comers, this hobby can be very intimidating without the help of you and several others like you on YouTube with informational videos and reviews. Congrats on your current and future success!

  21. this channel inspired be to get into rc’s I’ve been into engineering for a long time but I’m new to rc short course trucks , I will be making my own channel about rc’s I’ve gotten a lot of equipment to make this channel but I only have a traxxas slash Hopefully I can win this Giveaway and get that SENTON 6S congrats one the channel!!! Hope u can make it to 1M 🙂

  22. Keep up the awesome work, without your videos a lot of us would have no clue in what we’re buying. So thanks a lot keep’em coming.

  23. US only bummer.🙁

    • Hi C, I wish it was easy to make it an international giveaway, but it’s not because each country has its own rules about giveaways. One size doesn’t fit all. As The RCNetwork grows, I’ll be able to offer specific giveaways for those in other countries. Thanks for subscribing and being apart of The RCNetwork, couldn’t do it without you!

  24. Congrats Rich! Long time subscriber. I learned so much from watching you video’s. This giveaway is over the top

  25. Love the youtube channel, keep up the great work with the content.

  26. Congrats on the the new page. Keep up the good work lobe your YouTube channel.

  27. More ae 😁

  28. Wow. What a channel. What great giveaways. Can’t wait now. Great work everyone.

  29. Great website!
    Congrats on 30K subscribers!

  30. Love your vids watch them all the time you and Jason are the best out there. Congrats on 30k

  31. Anthony J. Eaglebarger

    30k subscribers, congratz Rich, I hope your channel gets as big as RC Sparks Studio!

  32. Awesome!!!


    I entered the giveaway but even if i don’t win i would like to know how to get those cool rcnetwork stickers. I want to place it on my mac .


  34. Thanks for the chance in this awesome giveaway!

  35. Thanks for the giveaway.

  36. I didn’t realise that it’s for u.s residents only.I didn’t read the vid properly and just entered the giveaway straight away.sorry.

    • Hi Jake. No problem. Thanks for letting us know. We hope to have international giveaways in the future. Thanks for being a part of The RCNetwork!

  37. Great to find. Thanks!

  38. Thank you for a chance to win awsome prizes

  39. Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! Winners have been notified and we will announce them soon. Thanks!

  40. Hey rich, Keith one of ur many subscribers since day 1 hey I notice u don’t play with ur slash 4×4 u should let me have it that rigs is awesome! Plus also I built my slash 4×4 with strc lcg chassis haven’t taken it to the track but I got it built and setup to my driving preference truck feels so much better, nite and day check it out have an great day and keep on making great videos thanks again!

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