The Tiny RC Car Invasion – Which One Are You Getting?

It’s starting to be “that time” of year again, where many of the manufacturers in RC start to put together great price-pointed items to lure in the unsuspecting non-RC crowd.  This is a good thing!  It gets more people into the RC world and lets people check out the cool technology that RC has to offer.  Most recently, the trend has been “tiny RC cars” or vehicles that have been calculated to the 1/18th, 1/24th and 1/32nd scale.

Team Associated APEX Touring Car, Reflex Buggy and Mini Rival Monster Truck

Team Associated has been busy with three new vehicle platforms all of which have 2 different body color options: Apex Touring Car, Reflex Buggy, and Mini Rival Monster Truck.  All are scaled to 1/18th but still have all the features of a typical 1/10th scale version like shaft driven 4wd systems with fluid filled shocks and ball differentials.  Now, the platform isn’t completely new, but the electronics are. The Reedy branded brushed electronics bring that initial price-point way down to the new consumer level.  What’s so great about these new offerings?  Most of the previous generation RC18 upgrades will bolt right on giving that new consumer the feeling of accomplishment to add aluminum shocks, brushless electronics or even a custom painted body.  All Team Associated listed come with everything on day one to get you started (just add your own 4 AA batteries for the remote.)



Dromida Touring and Rally Cars

Dromida has now hit the pavement with it’s line of touring and rally cars available in both brushed and brushless versions.  Previous Dromida vehicles were based mostly on off-road type vehicles like Buggies, Truggies, Monster and Shortcourse trucks.  The Rally and Touring cars are still based on the 1/18th scale platform with the same shaft driven 4wd chassis fluid filled shocks and geared differentials. Your only question is Brushed or Brushless! Expect the Brushless versions to hit right over 30 mph! All Dromida Vehicles come with everything on day one to get you started, including batteries for the remote.



Pro-Line Ambush Rock Scaler

Pro-Line just released their first ready to run vehicle – The Pro-Line Ambush 1/25th scale 4wd rock scaler.  Anytime Pro-Line is involved, they always step it up a notch and include top shelf components on their self-branded vehicles.  The Ambush (it’s tiny!) features a steel ladder-frame chassis complete with leaf springs, functioning transmission, solid axles and scaled down Flat Iron Tires and Denali wheels.  The Ambush also has a very Ford Bronco-esque body with integrated roll cage and bikini top.  The included decals to make your Ambush one of three included colors is a nice touch!  The Pro-Line Ambush comes with everything on day one to get you started.



Xpresso K1 Drift/Touring Chassis

Xpress RC has been dormant since the late 1990’s when their “Kei Car” which dissolved into a classic vehicle.  Now, just released, Xpress RC has re-released the famous K1 chassis, or also called the Kei Car.  The K1 chassis is a mid- motor, rear-wheel drive on-road car that has options to be set up as a touring car or a drift vehicle.  This KIT is a builder’s dream kit because it’s riddled with Carbon Fiber, Anodized Aluminum and will take standard 1/10th scale electronics.  Now, the scale of this Chassis is undetermined, but it is clearly 50% smaller than a standard 1/10th scale touring/drift car.  The K1 chassis has somewhat of a comical or funny selection of bodies with options including a shortened VW bus!  The Xpress K1 chassis is a kit and will need assembly, electronics, body, wheels and tires to complete.



So, are you in the market for a “Tiny Car?”  Do you want a driveway racer?  Hopefully I have given you some options for that all important list to Santa Claus.

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