Tool Tuesday EP1 – 110% Racing Ride Height Gauge

110% Racing, Nothing Less is not only their Company Slogan, but their passion. The new 110% Racing Ride Height Gauge is simple and so effective in doing its job. Easy to assemble and change out the included 5 “triangles”, this gauge will accurately measure your 1/10th-1/8th off road rig from 16mm-30mm. This tool gets the job done and takes up very little of that precious pit-bag real estate.

Some info from 110% Racing:…

The new 110% ride height gauge has been designed to be simple and easy to use, because we believe your tools should make your life easier. It covers heights from 16mm to 30mm, simply by switching between the five durable molded plastic plates that are included, which means this ride height gauge is easily adjusted for most off road vehicles. The aluminum shaft in the middle was designed to be long enough to allow you to slide the ride height gauge under the car easily without bumping the car to get a fast and accurate ride height check.

The molded plastic plates included in the package are triangular, so you get three different ride heights on each plate. That’s six different heights on your ride height gauge at any given time. When you do need to switch out plates, it’s easily done with one screw on the end of the shaft.

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