U4RC Trophy Class 2.2″ – Apple Valley 2017

On 4/15/2017, I attended my second U4RC race in Apple Valley, CA.  Competing in two classes (2.2” Comp and 2.2” Indy), I’m pretty busy throughout the day of heats, races and pitting.  What’s really fun to watch is the final race of the day, the 2.2” U4RC Trophy Class.

U4RC Trophy Class 2.2″

Considered the “Big Boy” class, the 2.2” Trophy Class is based on custom builds involving metal cage chassis, any configuration of axles, and many other specifics. Here’s a list of rules from www.u4rc.com/rules/.

2.2 Trophy Rules

This class is for 2.2” tire clad Ultra4 style rigs that are highly modified and highly resemble full size rock race vehicles. The emphasis in this class is appearance first and performance second. IFS and IFS/IRS cars are required to have a metal cage attached to a custom metal skid/pan. Skid/pan is defined as a partial pan chassis, attached to a solid rear axle. Rail style chassis are allowed when welded to the tube portion of the chassis. All upper shock mounts must be part of the metal chassis structure for all chassis types. A center differential is allowed in solid axle vehicles ONLY. Center differentials are not legal in IFS or IFS/IRS configurations.

Class Specs:
2.2” Wheel Diameter
IFS, Solid Axle, IFS/IRS
Metal Cage Only
Scale Driver with Helmet
Max wheelbase: 14.50”
Max Width: 12.75”
Min Weight: 8 lbs
Center Differential Allowed: Solid Axle Vehicles Only


Ultra Custom Fab – UCFab

One of the premiere fabricators for the 2.2” trophy class is UCFab (Ultra Custom Fab). They are a true American company building custom PRT (Pure Race Truck) chassis one by one to the customer’s specifications.


I got a chance to meet UCFab owner, Kyle Listul last weekend at the race along with Vanquish Product’s Guru, Josh Thiede (AKA Harley Designs inc.) Kyle is the real deal – down to earth, fabricator, driver, mechanic, etc. His designs are futuristic in design and Pure Race Truck! Check out more of UCFab here: www.facebook.com/UltraCustomFab/.


U4RC / UCFab Acronyms:

IFS – Independent front suspension
IRS – Independent rear suspension
FIS – Full independent suspension
PRT – Pure Race Truck

Photos courtesy of James C. Goad Photography and Kyle Listul.

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