Axial Yeti XL KIT – Running, Hill Climb and BIG Jumps!!!

The Axial Yeti XL KIT Version has hit the DIRT!!! What a pleasure to drive this 1/6th scale Monster Buggy from the Scale Gods, Axial. Powering my XL KIT is monster power! The Tekin RX8 Gen 2 ESC with the BIG 4038 T8 Gen 2, 2000kv sensored motor, Hitec 9380 Brushless HV servo cranking 472 oz/in of torque and a pair of MaxAmps 2s 6500mah 75c/150c Lipo batteries in series.

Special thanks to Derek for being the official RCNetwork Cameraman!

Here’s where I got the Xtreme Racing Panels and some info from Xtreme Racing:……

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Axial has done it again! They raised the bar even on themselves offering a Yeti XL KIT version to the already Epic Yeti XL RTR! This 1/8th (It seems like 1/6th scale, no joke!) scale Rock Racer will start life as a box of parts and will morph into a scale desert monster buggy ready to take on almost any terrain. With the included upgrades over thr RTR version, The Yeti XL KIT version will be the hit of any RC collection!

Here’s where I got it and some info from Axial Racing:……

Now in kit form, the Yeti™ XL monster buggy kit is a skillfully engineered truck with a solid rear axle and independent front suspension. Its distinct aesthetic and technical elements were inspired by full-size desert trucks. Its strategically engineered design supplies bashing stamina while delivering a high level of technical rock racing abilities without compromise in either category. This kit version will accept standard 1/8th scale brushless 4-pole systems and most industry standard stick packs. Precision Icon Vehicle Dynamics aluminum shocks are standard equipment and deliver smooth suspension movement for consistent handling. We’ve also included a rear sway bar (medium, 3.4mm), 3mm aluminum lower link plates, aluminum 17mm hex hubs and nuts, adjustable steel turnbuckles, and officially licensed 3.8 Falken WildPeak M/T tires in our S30 compound.

The AR60 XL™ solid rear axle is constructed from high strength composite material which has a low flex rate but is not as brittle as standard glass filled nylon. An added reinforced axle truss strengthens the rear axle by reducing flex and by distributing the force of potentially damaging impacts. The combination of our axles and a true 4-link suspension gives you optimal performance for any terrain with the look of a real 1:1 vehicle. Maintenance is easy – simply remove four screws to access the rear differential.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics aluminum shocks feature Big Bore 16™ precision machined pistons which offer smooth performance throughout the range of travel. Made to tight tolerances, these aluminum shocks feature clear coated polished aluminum bodies and are threaded for quick ride height adjustments and pre-load tuning. They also feature non-functional aluminum shock reservoirs with official Icon Vehicle Dynamics graphics for realistic scale looks!

The WildPeak All Terrain tire has amazing traction on many surfaces, even with its rather conservative pattern. This fact alone has had the entire industry on the edge of their seats waiting to see what the Falken rubber will be able to do with a more aggressive pattern. The WildPeak M/T version of this tire is here, albeit in a prototype stage. These prototypes are already being put through their paces by the who’s who of the off road world. With tremendous success in competitive rock racing, this tire is already in very high demand. The Axial S30 compound will offer the performance you have come to expect from Axial.

Includes four hard anodized 3mm aluminum lower link plates for added durability and stiffness of the rear 4-link suspension.

Industry standard 17mm hex hubs, hard anodized with a 3x17mm steel pin and set screw. The machined serrated 17mm nut helps eliminate wheels from coming loose by biting into the wheel as you tighten them down. The front universals feature an all metal, super strong CVJ design and they’re completely rebuildable. The benefit of a universal joint is an increased steering angle and precise fitment for an efficient driveline. The captured pin design allows for better reliability and easier maintenance.

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