Team Associated B44.3 – First Run, Running Video

I was able to capture some great footage of my brand new Team Associated B44.3 1/10th scale 4wd buggy at OCRC thanks to my buddy Derek on the camera! This was it’s first run set up completely stock to the manual. The B44.3 drove great and really goes right where you want it to! Even with my mediocre driving skills, the B44.3 looks good! lol

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Here’s some of the Pro-Line items I added to the build:

Phantom Pre-Cut body:…

Trifecta Wing:…

Steven Hartson and Ryan Cavalieri call Team Associated home with they’re proven race buggies. The B44.3 is the fourth rendition of the 1/10th scale 4wd winning platform and there’s a ton of improvement to the 2013 IFMAR chassis that Hartson drove to victory in Chico, CA. Three fluid filled/geared differentials, Aluminum chassis and Saddlepack/Shorty configuration are the main changes from the B44.2.

Want to see my B44.2?…

Here’s where I got it and some info from Team Associated:……

The RC10B44 has created a winning legacy with three I.F.M.A.R. World Championships, four R.O.A.R. National titles, and countless regional wins to its credit! Since winning the 2013 I.F.M.A.R. World Championships, the designers behind the doors of Area 51 set out to further improve the B44 and take it to an even higher level of performance.

Enter the RC10B44.3 Factory Team Kit, the latest evolution of Team Associated�s 1:10 4WD electric off road competition buggy. The most significant changes are found on the new hard-anodized aluminum chassis, which helps lower the center of gravity to improve handling and durability. The chassis has been designed to have symmetrical torsional flex to improve handling consistency � the new floating motor mount, floating servo mount, and chassis machining help to provide the desired flex symmetry.

Power and traction have continued to improve, so the B44.3�s drivetrain has been built up and refined to keep up with the demand of today�s high-traction off-road tracks. A set of four precision CVA�s transfer the power from the gear differentials via ball bearings throughout the car.

Now the B44.3 is even more adaptable to multiple racing conditions with the adjustable weight bias feature. Weight bias can be significantly altered by using either the front motor configuration with a saddle pack or the rear motor configuration with a shorty pack. The B44.3 is also backwards compatible with the previous generation VTS slipper clutch (not included) and ball differentials (not included), making the B44.3 extremely versatile and adaptable to any track condition.

Factory Team V2 12mm big bore shocks have improved smoothness, improving suspension travel and increasing overall traction. Lastly, the B44.3 comes with the latest JConcepts Finnisher X-Flow body and AE 6.5� high downforce wing.

The RC10B44.3 has been given all of the design advantages that only a winning pedigree like Team Associated can provide. If you are ready to take your 1:10 4WD off-road program up to the next level, the B44.3 is ready to take you there!
This vehicle needs extra parts to make it operational. Click on the SPECS tab above to see what’s already included and what extra equipment you may need to make the vehicle operational, such as motor and battery pack.

•Hard-anodized aluminum chassis and 7075-T6 floating motor mount allows for front or rear motor configurations
•New molded battery trays accommodate 2S saddle or shorty battery pack configurations and feature a quick-change strap with locking thumb knobs
•New front and rear carbon-fiber top decks and floating servo mount improves symmetrical chassis flex
•Center gear differential has independent fluid cap for quick and easy fluid or gear changes
•JConcepts Finnisher X-flow body
•Factory Team 0 deg. 7075-T6 aluminum rear hubs with oversize outer bearing
•Factory Team V2 12mm Big Bore threaded aluminum shocks with 3mm shock shafts, molded caps with bleed screws, and updated O-rings for improved smoothness
•Full CVAs and ball bearing drivetrain
•Factory Team 12mm blue aluminum rear clamping hexes and 12mm hex rear wheels
•Factory Team blue titanium turnbuckles, aluminum servo mounts, aluminum shock pivot balls and rear anti-roll bar included
•Front and rear gear differentials have machined steel ring, pinion, and planetary gears

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