Team Associated RC8B3e 1/8th Buggy – Running Video!

Here’s a nice running video of the RC8B3e from Team Associated on a trip to OCRC in Huntington Beach, CA. Want to know more about OCRC? Check out my Vlog video here:…

Here’s what powers my RC8B3e:

Reedy Sonic 1512 2100kv brushless/sensored motor:…

Tekin RX8 Gen 2 Speed Control:

Reedy 1508 High Torque Servo:…

Reedy 5200mah 50c 14.8v 4s Lipo:…

Here’s the upgrades that I installed for this running video:

Lunsford Titanium Pillow Balls:…

Avid RC Carbon Shock Tower Kit:…

Avid RC Aluminum Wing Buttons:…

Pro-Line Racing 1/8th Trifecta Wing:…

Pro-Line Velocity Lightweight Wheels:…

Pro-Line Electron 1/8th Buggy Tires MC Compound:…

Well, here we go on another RCNetwork KIT adventure! Team Associated announced the nitro version of this buggy a few months back in 2015. Knowing the popularity of 1/8th scale E-Buggies, I knew AE would be releasing the Electric version too. What’s new in this B3e version? Everything! The RC8B3e also shares 90% of the parts from the RC8B3 (nitro version) so Part Support will be better than ever and make it even easier for local shops and tracks to keep everyone happy with parts.

Here’s where I got it and some info from Team Associated:……

RC8B3e Team Kit

1:8 Scale Electric 4WD Off Road Competition Buggy Kit

Team Associated has taken the performance engineering developed for the RC8B3 nitro buggy and used the data to create our new brushless-powered version, the RC8B3e Team Kit!

Answering the need of the fastest-growing 1:8 scale racing class, the RC8B3e Team Kit was designed specifically for brushless power. Using a unique, proprietary hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum chassis ingeniously designed for optimum weight distribution and superior handling, the RC8B3e drives like a champ.

Cross-class chassis compatibility. Knowing that racers would be competing in both 1:8 nitro and electric at the same events, the RC8B3e was designed to handle and respond to changes just like the RC8B3. This similar handling characteristic gives the racer a huge advantage, as tuning changes can be applied to both buggies seamlessly.

Designed to handle, built to win. The RC8B3e Team Kit was designed to give the dedicated electric 1:8 racer the highest level of performance that will help take your racing program to the next level.
This vehicle needs extra parts to make it operational. Click on the SPECS tab above to see what extra equipment you may need to make the vehicle operational, such as batteries.
RC8B3e Team Kit shown in these photos is equipped with items NOT included in kit: engine, exhaust system, receiver battery, Reedy servos, wheels and tires. Body comes clear. Assembly and painting required.
7075-T6 hard anodized aluminum chassis features an optimized weight bias layout for improved handling and stability
Front suspension features pillow ball uprights for increased adjustability and improved durability
Lightweight ring gears and optimized precision ball bearing sizing reduces drivetrain rotational mass for improved acceleration and battery efficiency
Gearboxes feature a 3.38:1 internal gear ratio with fast-access differentials for quick removal, tuning, and maintenance
Six universal drive shafts for efficient drivetrain power delivery and ease of maintenance
7075-T6 aluminum 16mm Big Bore threaded shocks with TiN coated 3.5mm shafts, larger diameter precision springs, and optimized bladders for more precise volume compensation
7075-T6 aluminum shock towers front and rear feature finely tuned shock mounting and upper arm positions
Refined suspension geometry with lower hinge pin inserts for quick and easy roll center adjustments
Lightweight one-piece wing mounts feature height and forward positioning adjustment for more precise handling
Two-piece sliding motor mount for easy gear mesh adjustment and motor removal
The RC8B3e shares over 90% parts compatibility with the RC8B3 nitro buggy, offering the perfect solution for multi-class racers

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