Tekno EB48.3 – Official Running Video – “Wall Ride!”

Here’s my official running video of the Tekno RC EB48.3. This buggy is an evolution of 2 prior models making it the easiest to drive and most durable buggy to date. This 1/8th scale buggy comes as a KIT version and with the box stock set up as shown in the video, can really lay down the laps! In this video, I’m running a Tekin RX8 Gen2 mated to a Tekin T8 Gen 2 1900kv motor on a TrakPower 6700mah 90c 4s Lipo battery. HItec 9380 brushless Servo rounds out the electronics. Pro-Line Racing takes car of the looks and the grip with a Phantom Body and Blockade Tires glued to Velocity 2 dish wheels. For some protection, I’m running a DE Racing rear skid plate on the chassis.

BIG Thanks to Tom and Mario from The Yard RC Track in Orange, CA for giving The RCNetwork private access to film on the track. Check em out on FaceBook:


Here’s where I got it and some info from Tekno RC:


TKR5005 – EB48.3 1/8th Competition Electric Buggy Kit

Since the release of the original EB48 in August of 2012, we have been continually improving our products. Over the years we have tested hundreds of parts, released dozens of meaningful options, and we have improved the overall setup of the EB48. The EB48.2 improved on the original vehicle and has enjoyed incredible success around the world. Now it’s time to introduce the EB48.3 – the new standard in the 1/8th Electric Buggy class.

We started with the suspension and completely redesigned the geometry. The new design aimed to improve big jump landings while at the same time improve small bump handling and consistency. Longer shocks have been fitted to increase suspension travel and new towers (TKR5268, TKR5269) were designed to optimize shock angles. Revised upper camber link positions on both the front and rear shock tower provide setup options that improve driveability and traction in all conditions. A new piston was designed specifically for the longer shocks (TKR6159) to adjust the compression/rebound characteristics. The lower arms (TKR5184, TKR5286) feature new shock mounting locations. Clamping spring perches (TKR6140) and new shock boots (TKR6144, TKR6145) are included to keep the shocks clean, smooth, and trouble free. We also included the left and right handed shock mounting screws (TKR1240) to ensure you never lose a shock during operation.

New rear hubs (TKR5199) allow the option of using the stock CV axles or the upcoming universal driveshafts. We now also offer the rear hubs in aluminum as an option (TKR5199A). At the front of the vehicle are new trailing steering spindles (TKR5193) and spindle carriers (TKR5194). The trailing components vastly improve high speed bump handling in addition to smoothing out the steering response. The vehicle initiates turns more predictably and finishes corners better than ever before. Larger bearings are now fitted to the front spindles for improved durability. The spindles will also accommdate the upcoming universal driveshafts.

The V2 hinge pin braces (TKR5161, TKR5162, TKR5163, TKR5164, TKR5165) have found their way into the new kit. They provide more adjustability than ever before. For example, changing the roll centers at the hinge pin is now an easy task and allows you to set up the vehicle for any conditions. Front arm sweep, kickup, rear anti-squat, and rear toe are all adjustable. A revised chassis was designed to increase clearance for the many V2 hinge pin positions.

EB48.3 New Features: Completely redesigned suspension geometry New front arms New rear arms New front and rear 7075 CNC aluminum shock towers New extra long shocks for increased suspension travel New tapered 4 x 1.8mm shock pistons New clamping spring perches with captured shock boots New rear hubs New trailing front spindles and spindle carriers New V2 hinge pin braces and inserts Low profile wing mount Revised bumper for increased ground clearance New split center differential mount New straight turnbuckle rod ends New tapered aluminum front center driveshaft New left and right hand threaded shock mount screws New easily adjustable droop screws Revised shock standoffs for easier droop measurement Longer rear sway bar for more consistent traction Updated chassis with increased clearance for V2 hinge pin settings Updated setup sheet for improved handling

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