Tool Tuesday EP10 -Duratrax 12 in 1 Driver

If owning individual tools is not your thing or space while on the trail or bash spot is a premium, the Duratrax 12 in 1 driver is the “Swiss Army” of RC tools!

With both standard and metric hexes and a variety of both Flathead and Phillips bits, the 12 in 1 makes good use of it’s anodized aluminum handle as storage. The locking handle allows for just enough tool to be exposed to get the job done.

Here’s where I got mine and some info from Duratrax:

Click here to get the Duratrax 12-tip Multi-Driver

This is the Duratrax 12-Tip Multi-Driver Tool.


Ideal for use with cars, trucks and mini helicopters
Most common hex sizes for many RC vehicles
Two very small phillips and two flat blade drivers sized for mini
Machined anodized aluminum handle with hardened steel drivers
Stores six shanks in the handle, with different tips on each end-
12 total
End cap rotates to select the desired tip
Adjustable tip length allows greater torque or longer reach
Hex shaped handle resists rolling


Aluminum Handle
Tip Sizes
1.5mm Slotted 5/64″ Hex, DTXR1301
2.5mm Slotted 3/32″ Hex, DTXR1302
00 Phillips 1.5mm Hex, DTXR1303
0 Phillips 2.0mm Hex, DTXR1304
.050″ Hex 2.5mm Hex, DTXR1305
1/16″ Hex 3.0mm Hex, DTXR1306


Handle Length: 4″ (102mm)

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