Tool Tuesday EP15 – MIP 2.0mm BIG Handle Hex Wrench!

When it comes to hex drivers, MIP makes the best quality driver on the market. Made in the USA, MIP keeps making running changes to the lineup to better the end user’s experience in the hobby. The new “Big Handle” 2.0mm driver makes wrenching with the most commonly used wrench even easier with a bigger handle to grasp. As always, high quality materials are used to keep you wrenching for the life of the hobby!

Here’s where I got it and some info from MIP:

MIP Hex wrenches have been leading the RC tool industry for 30 plus years, and as we move towards the future – design, features, and overall look may change, but quality never will. MIP’s wrenches encapsulate an RC’ers meaning of the word – ‘Perfect’. What makes it ‘Perfect’ you may ask? Well…
MIP Hex Tips
a. Precision cut to fit perfectly in new screws.
b. Hi quality tool steel tips wear much less and keeps the tip fresher longer
c. Hi quality tip means that screws will not wear and strip out easily
d. Many times MIP wrenches have been known to remove screws stripped by other brand wrenches MIP Wrench Handle
a. Hard Plastic Handle feels natural as well as doesn’t tear up your hands during long wrench sessions.
b. Handle is easy to grip and you feel confident when breaking loose tight screws.
c. Every turn of the wrench you feel connected to the screw.
d. Amber handle is easy to spot in any tool box MIP New Color Coated Wrap
a. Every MIP wrench / speed tip now comes with a color coating wrap to differentiate it from other MIP wrenches
b. The shrink tube helps protect the colored wrap from damage and wear.

Every MIP Wrench is made right here in Covina, CA and is created out of the highest grade US metals and plastics to produce what some call “The Wrench that Lasts a Lifetime.” There is a reason why you see MIP wrenches passed down from father to son. Get the Wrenches that will last you a lifetime; GO MIP; GO USA!

Precision CNC ground IN-HOUSE from hardened US Tool Steel drill blanks!
NOW Has Color Coating Wraps with tool size!
100% Quality Genuine MIP Made in the USA!

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