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SpawnZilla – WraithZilla Custom PBP Axial Wraith Build

Ahhhhh, the SpawnZilla! She’s finally alive and breathing (Lipo, that is!) After many, many hours of designing, building and troubleshooting, the MattZilla WraithZilla dubbed the SpawnZilla has come alive and is (almost) ready for the dirt! Only topshelf parts were used for this custom piece by piece build with the only thing Axial left is the Interior and the Bevel Gear set! The next stop will be running this on an official U4RC track and see if it can handle the brutal-ness of a shortcourse style track with a huge rock-garden!

Want a cool FreqEsKinz wrap for your rig? Check out their website here:

Have a Wraith you want a FreqEsKinz wrap for? Check here:

Just what the SpawnZilla needed…..a custom steel chassis from the famed MattZilla! I chose Lue Lee’s WraithZilla design and with all of the new features, this custom chassis will set my SpawnZilla apart from all the other Wraiths out there on the trail!

The easiest way to get a MattZilla chassis:

Here’s some things I mentioned in the video:

RC4WD Aluminum Fuel Cell:…

Heyok External Power Light Controller:…

Turnigy Nano-Tech 2.2 4s Lipo:…

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