Team Durango DEX410v5

Team Durango DEX410v5 – 1/10th Scale 4wd Buggy Video Series

The Team Durango DEX410v5 really turned out great! BIG THANKS to Junior Gardner over at JamminRC for the BEST body ever at The RCNetwork!  Check out Junior’s channel here:…  Want a Professionally painted body like the DEX410v5 got? Hit up Junior at

Here’s the Wheels and Tires I used from AKA:

Rear EVO Chainlinks Clay:…
Front EVO Chainlinks Clay:…
Rear EVO Wheels:…
Front EVO Wheels:…

This is the 5th generation of their 4wd 1/10th scale race buggy platform and it’s been completely re-designed. Now complete with 3 fluid filled, geared differentials and potentially 8 different chassis configurations for batteries and motor, the DEX410v5 is ultra versatile for any track condition!

Here’s where I got it and some info from Team Durango:……

The DEX410v5 represents the apex of Team Durango 1/10 4WD development. Engineered to make you faster, designed to maximise your potential. Featuring an all-new chassis layout, that is designed to embrace the versatility that is required to lay down fast laps, on a wide variety of track surfaces. The DEX410v5 allows you to master peak performance.

With our core aim being to create an even faster DEX410 vehicle, that is easy to drive consistently for everybody, our design engineers have created the DEX410v5. Crafted to bring you ultimate performance. An all-new precision engineered hard anodised chassis plate forms the basis of a race machine that boasts a comprehensive range of further advanced components, meaning you are piloting the best 4WD Buggy engineering and enjoying fast and easy tuning options.

The DEX410v5 allows for a wide range of specific layouts, giving you control of how weight bias is tuned, and ultimately, the handling of the car when you hit the track.

Adding a super-reliable centre gear diff to the already proven DEX410 drive line now increases overall forward traction, whilst also making the application of throttle power on a mixture of surfaces ultra-smooth and easily-controlled. With the option to also run a standard slipper assembly in the same position, you can master this area of traction tuning easily.

Designed for fast, consistent and easy motor mounting and gear meshing, the DEX410v5 sports a precision aluminium motor plate, which mounts easily into the innovative motor mount. You can quickly adjust two small screws to set your mesh, with no need to use option parts to gain alternative motor configurations in the chassis layout.

The DEX410v5 is built around an all-new hard anodised aluminium chassis plate. Zero rear chassis kick-up provides an ultra-low differential position and inboard suspension pick-up points. This new design increases rear-end traction whilst creating a forgiving handling style on all surfaces. This will make you faster and increase your confidence, lap-after-lap.

Sculptured to provide maximum downforce and consistent straight-line stability, the DEX410v5 sports an aggressive new body shell design that will turn heads at your local track.

Fast and easy battery changes will help you save time between races, with the hook-and-loop battery straps providing a secure fitting for your cells.

The DEX410v5 includes all-new 12mm front and rear wheel hex fittings, as well as a full set of 14mm units, straight from the kit box. This provides ultimate wheel choice flexibility, making it easy for you to run existing wheels you own, and quickly conform to pre-mounted control tyres if the competition dictates.

Accessing a tuning option, that will have an immediate effect for on-power steering, is made ultra-easy with the all-new patent pending Team Durango rear Multi-Axles. You can experience an increase or decrease in on-power mid-corner steering, by quickly switching Multi-Axle CVD mounting positions.

Fast and simple inboard rear-toe angle tuning can be easily achieved due to the precision suspension mount insert system supplied with the DEX410v5. Engineered from 7075-T6 aluminium, providing reduced weight and precision fit, the rear suspension mounts benefit from CNC machining for ulta-consistent fit and finish.

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